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Flower Power - 60's Party
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Front:  Peace Symbol, Flower Power
Your invited to a Groovy Birthday Party
Dress to go back in time to the 60's

Hippie Chick Party Supplies
Hippie Chick

Tie Dye Party Party Supplies
Tie Dye Party

Hang beads in all the doorways the party guests will pass through. Check out novelty shops.  Place colored light bulbs in all lamps and sockets. Using large poster board or banner paper and neon tempera paint, make signs declaring, "Flower Power,"  "Love not War," " Peace."    Make lots of tissue paper flowers and Smiley faces, Ying and Yang symbols, peace sign symbols etc. Hang of honey-combed paper balls from the ceiling.

Cake and Food:
Large round cake decorated as a Daisy, Smiley or Peace symbol.
Or Cupcake smiley's and other designs

Frost a double layer cake with white icing and then drop food coloring on it and then run a toothpick through it and it will look like a tie dye cake.  

Goodie Bags:
Loot bags can be made out of one piece of brown or tan construction paper. place the paper vertically and fold slightly above the center of the paper. glue sides together making a pouch. Fringe the top of the paper and fold it down slightly over the center of the paper to  make a little pouch. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the top corner on each side of the pouch. cut a long piece of ribbon or yarn and pull one end through each hole. Make the ends even and tie a knot. Fill the pouch with plastic beads, stickers candy, groovy necklaces, bracelets, etc. Seal the pouch with a smiley sticker or a sticker of some sort.

Games and Activities:
A simple craft idea would the to get a badge-maker and let the kids design pins with 60's symbols. Most teacher stores carry the badge making kits. Just make sure you have enough materials for each kid to make 2 or 3 badges. Keep a sample of the paper circle supplied in your kit so you can cut additional circles from ditto paper and they will fit the badge press. Supply neon makers and glitter pens for decorating paper circles.

Make head bands:
fun foam or felt. Have 1 inch wide strips cut in advance in the material of choice.  Can be 11 1/2" long, use ribbon to complete the diameter around the child's head.   Use markers and other things to decorate. Punch a hole at each end and pull a piece of leather, ribbon, string etc. to secure it. Leave ends long and let child add beads to the 2 ribbon pieces. Tie knots in ends so beads don't come off. 

Fringed Hippie Vest:
MATERIALS- You will need a paper lawn bag for each child. Construction paper, glue sticks and other decorating materials and enough scissors for your group's size.
Prior to the party draw a line around the middle of each bag about the spot where your child's hips would be when holding the bag at his shoulder height. Hold the bag upside down, front of bag facing your tummy. Starting at the open end, cut straight up center of bag until you reach the bag's true bottom. Make a T-shape cutting along the bottom on both sides of the middle cut. Leave about 3 to 4 inches about where the shoulders will be. Measure your child from shoulder to the bottom of arm pit. Make a slit or cut a circle in the side of the bag. This is the main pattern for the vest and variations could be things like cutting a v-neck. Have some examples of 60's symbols available for the kids to get decorating ideas. have them color, cut  and paste etc. Then have them cut from the open end of the bag to the line in the middle of the bag all the way around the bag. This becomes fringe. Have helpers do a few alterations if needed and then let the fun begin! This looks and sounds much more complicated then it is. Brown grocery bags can be used too.

Rose Colored Glasses:
Materials- a sheet of white poster board and some colored art cellophane, not Saran wrap but the kind you get at a craft store and several glue sticks. Prior to the party, make the frames for the glasses by tracing the bottom of a 15 ounce soup can. You will need 2 circles side by side with about one and a half inch space between them. Connect them by drawing the "bridge" of the glasses. Inside the circles, trace a circle the size of a 6 ounce tomato paste can. These are the lenses. On the top side of the glasses draw the bows straight out making the two lines about an inch thick and about 4 inches long. Curve the lines to make the ear pieces. You may want to measure the distance from your child's eye to ear to get a more accurate length. Cut out enough frames for the number of guests at the party plus a few more for mistakes. Leave them flat so the children can decorate the frames with markers, stick on jewel earrings, etc. Trace the 15 ounce can bottom onto a piece on scrap paper. cut a length of cellophane and fold it into a square that will fit the can bottom. Place the drawn circle on top of the cellophane square and cut the circle. This is a quick way to cut out the colored lenses. Remember, each child will need two and have extras available. Have the children decorate the front of the glasses, turn the frames over and use a glue stick to spread glue around the circles. Place a circle of cellophane on top of the glue and press to secure it in place. Bend the bows of glasses, place on face and enjoy the world through rose-colored glasses.

Have the kids bring a stuffed animal to the party and make outfits for them too!

Dress in their new dud's, put on some groovy music and dance.  Get out the video camera and let them perform.

Tie die shirts

Play Twister

Pin the headband on the Hippie

Musical Symbols:  Like musical chairs but make symbols on paper, lay them out around the house.  Play 60's tunes and go.

Design a 60's bingo game:  Use typical retro symbols- peace
sign, ying/yang, flower power, smiley face, glasses, VW logo, bell bottoms, vest, love beads, fingers peace sign, tie die shirt, Love, yellow submarine, Brady Bunch squares, head with head band, etc.

Spin art - your own tie dye designs.  

Younger children can dip a folded paper towel in a muffin tin filled with different colored dies. Then open it up and let it dry.

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