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Aquarium - Ocean - Finding Nemo Party


Swim away to a party for "name"

Party supplies from Birthday in a Box


Take newsprint (or you can use Butcher's paper) and made different sea life paintings.   Hang them on walls and windows at the child's height.  Have enough to cover from one end of the room to the other.  Cut out little Nemos and place them in the scene.  When the children arrive have them come in and "find Nemo" on the sea life paintings. 

Take different shades of blue, green and yellow streamers and hang them from the ceiling...from the entrance of the house to the party area.  You can also hang up blue and green balloons..to look like bubbles in a tank.

Take two pieces of black poster board and make them into one big cone shape (volcano).  Paint this  to look like a volcano in orange and yellow paint then put a face on the volcano.  Use orange streamers and tape them on the inside at the top of the volcano (for the "fire" look).  A small desk fan can be placed under the volcano so the streamers blow up in the air.

For the table where the food is to be placed use more newprint or butcher paper and colored a beach scene...sand, footprints, toys and starfish.

Use the Finding Nemo dvd and put one of their aquarium scenes on.

CAKE & Food

Round cake decorated with Nemo's face. 
Oblong cake decorated with blue (sea like) icing and use Swedish fish and put them in "the tank".  Make icing seaweed and a treasure chest.

Goldfish crackers

Nemo snacks: Use white sliced cheese and orange sliced colored cheese and stacked about six on top of each.  Cut into small bite size pieces. 


Nemo Toss:
Use a box and wrap it in newsprint and draw a picture of a diver (P. Sherman).  Use snorkels, goggles and a small fish net to decorate the box.  Make orange and white bean bags and have the kids toss them into the box.

Fishing for treasure:
Use small Chinese take out containers and put inside: stickers, fish suckers and foiled chocolate coins.  Draw a pond scene on newprint and place it on the floor.  Put all the takeout containers in the pond.  Use a fishing pole made with a small hook (out of a wire coat hanger..about 2/3 inches).  You can use a rubber worm hooked on it and a bobber for affect.  These will be the children's goodie  bags.

Play a Memory Game - See if they can remember better than Dorrie. 

Fish guessing game:  (for older kids or adults)
1.  What fish belongs to a wealthy person?            Gold fish
2.  What fish is used in a winter sport?                   Skate
3.  A fish that could win a wrestling match?            Mussel
4.  A Fish that can win a duel.                               Swordfish
5.  A fish you might find in a lumber yard:               Sawfish
6.  A fish found in a birds cage:                             Perch
7.  What fish is given to sadness?                         Bluefish
8.  What fish does not win?                                  Flounder
9.  This fish does not need to swim:                      Flying fish
10. This fish is also a road:                                   Pike
11.  This fish was discarded because it____.         Smelt
12.  What fish is part of a shoe?                           Sole





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