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Birthday in a box

Tweety Bird 1st Birthday Party:
Invitations:  Wood cut-outs of Tweety made into magnets, double as souvenirs.  Paste party information on the back.

Fall 1st Birthday:
Purchase Anne Geddes plain note cards (the one with the pumpkin - may be difficult to find).  Print on paper for inside (I understand these are hard to find)
"Our Little Pun'kin is turning ONE!"
Cake:  Pumpkin cake made in a bundt pan.  Frosted orange and decorated with autumn foliage (artificial) in the center.  Mini bundt cakes for children with tootsie roll for stem.  Serve with pecan praline ice cream.
Activity:  Go to the pumpkin patch and choose your pumpkins.  Have a pumpkin carving contest.

Baby's Year in Review

Can be printed to look like newspaper headlines. 
              "   ______ Just Turned One" 


Made by printing it on acid-free scrapbook paper
Print on them a little story of his/her past year:
One year ago on Sept. 14, 1998 a little
angel blessed our lives.
We named her Mary Madeline
In the past year she has learned so much,
how to drink from a cup, feed herself, crawl, almost walk
talk, laugh, and love.
Now she is calling on all her favorite friends and family
to help celebrate a wonderful past year and a big kick off
for the next.
Your presence is requested at the very first birthday
party for Maddie.

Balloons, streamers, baby books, photo albums and photos of the birthday child.  For a special reminder of the day, make an album celebrating baby's 1st year.  The front could be set up like a news magazine.  Include newspaper items from the day he was born.

Cake and Food:
Typical finger foods with a cake with a huge one on it.
Gift for guests:  Make paper roll thanks you's, tied with a ribbon, attach a pretty flower or favorite symbol.
Tie up Hershey's Hugs and Kisses in tulle with a ribbon.  Attach a hand made tag (business card size on the computer) that says "hugs and kisses from name of child to you"  "Thanks for coming to my 1st Birthday" and the date.

Make up questions from the baby book or for fun.  Pass out paper and pencils, let the guests answer them.
When did he sleep through the night?
What was his first words?
When did he first crawl?  Walk?  Sleep through the night?
Who does he look like?       etc.   

Time Capsule:  
Have stationery, envelopes, pens and colored pencils. Everyone writes a letter to the child to be opened when they turn a predetermined age!   Some of these beloved relatives may not even be around then so it will be especially precious.  Let the guests know about it in advance so that if they want to, they can write their letter ahead of time and then just deposit it in the capsule.
Use a large metal can that you can tape shut (large popcorn cans work great).  Put a label on it that says, "Do not open until year XXXX" and included Child's name.
Other items that will work in the capsule - Time magazine, newspaper clippings, photos and information on where you live, where parents work, what you do for fun, etc.

Who's Who?: 
Have all the guests bring their own baby pictures and try to guess, 'who is who.'

"Hopes and Dreams" box 
Guests take a piece of paper and write down their hopes and dreams for the child's future, whether it be to make it simply to the next birthday or dreams of becoming a professional athlete or brain surgeon. The idea is that on the next birthday, the box can either be opened, read, and have a new one started, or it can be left alone and added to. Then many years down the road it can be opened and shared when he/she is old enough to understand. 




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