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Written all backwards.
Can use standard invites or use a thank you note for the invitation.  Use the Invitation for the thank you
Balloons & Supplies from
Birthday in a Box
Decorations and Birthday Order:
Hang balloons upside down from their string. Print out a banner to read backwards, Streamers on the floor. You can turn your chairs around etc. Have the kids come dressed backwards. Open presents first, have cake then do games.
Tablecloth under the table on the floor and kids sit under table for cake, etc. Hang balloons upside down from under table as well.  Also, when setting table, set everything backwards with cup in front of you turned upside down, then plate in front of it turned upside down and silverware backwards - vase with flowers put in upside down for centerpiece.

When greeting guests at door can mark with sign "enter at back door" and guests have to go around house to come in your back door. Greet with "good-bye, glad you came!".

Serve the cake first, then everything else.
We did upside down cupcakes. Used a dab of frosting on the bottoms to hold the candles. All the cupcakes were together on one platter.
Goodie Bags:
Tape the goodies to the outside.  Or have items in the bags and let the kids wrap their presents to take home.


  • Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of items, but write the words backwards so the kids have to figure them out.
  • Clothes pin Into the Bucket: Kids must stand with their back to the bucket and try to drop the clothes pin into it.
  • Musical Chairs: Sit when the music comes on. All kids try to sit in the same chairs. At end all the kids pile onto the last chair.
  • Backwards Relay: Need one doll and two pieces of clothing for each team. Child must run backwards to doll dress it (backwards of course), then run back, backwards of course. Next child does the same but undresses the doll.  
  • You could have a jar of jelly beans or something else and have everyone guess.   The person who is the farthest away would win the prize.
  • Reverse of "Hide and Seek," called "Sardines."  One person hides and everyone else seeks them, only as the players find the person hiding, they hide with them and the last person to find them is it for the next round.
  • INSIDE OUT PIÑATAS: Have enough balloons blown up for each person to have one (have extras to replace popped ones).  Dump a huge bag of wrapped candy on the floor, give each child access to scotch tape, and let them cover their balloons with candy.  Voila--an inside out piñata!
  • Call the kids by their backwards names
  • OBSTACLE COURSE:  Set up an obstacle course and number each.  Have the children run backwards and in backwards numerical order.  Time each child and after all are finished, reward the one who took the longest time to finish.   Do not announce that this is how you are going to reward or they won't try to finish first!



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