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Barbie Party

Invitations:  If you do not want to make your invitations, you can purchase the Barbie variety.  To make them, use graphics of dolls and fancy clothes.  If this is to be a Barbie party, have each girl bring one doll of the Barbie variety.  If you have a photo software program, find a picture of Barbie online and put your daughters picture in with it for the front of the invite.

Decorations:  Pink balloons and streamers
Find a Barbie Look-a-like to dress like and come to the party to pass out the goodie bags and let the girls get their pictures with.

in a box 
Party balloons & Supplies

Cake:  (Idea is from a reader)  Purchase or make small shortbread cakes, skirt shaped.  Purchase one 1/2 doll per child (the kind that are only a doll from the waist up, buy at craft stores).   Place doll into center and frost around cake skirt.  Give the children candies to decorate their own cake dolls.

Loot Bags:  Make from pink lunch sacks.  Use cord to form shopping handles.   They will get to keep the jewelry they make or you purchase, any hair things and boas.  For a fashion doll party...fill the bag with "Barbie" accessories and pink glitter nail polish with pink lip smackers, pink bubble yum

What you need:
Hair things
Tissue paper and tape, tape, tape
Play or inexpensive jewelry, or beading supplies to make their own.  (These can be theirs to keep)
pink feather boas or pretend wraps
An array of old shoes

1.  Let the girls choose the jewelry they want or make their own.  Use pony beads or others to make necklaces and bracelets.

2.  Have the girls or adults do up the girls with make-up (with parent approval, of course) and their hair.

3.  Have dress-up clothes available or let them make their own and each others clothes by using large colored tissue paper.

4.  Take pictures of them or video tape their "performance"  during a fashion show.

5.  Purchase one full set of doll clothes per child.
Let them "shop" for the clothes.  Each item separately, give them play money to do this.  Let them dress their doll's and have a fashion show.  OR You could even let the girls make the jewelry and design tissue paper clothes for their dolls and look alike clothes for themselves.  Let them walk down the "cat walk" with their doll after they do their dolls hair and theirs.  Could even let them guess, after they do up their hair and the dolls, which Barbie goes to whom.

6.  Pin the earring on Barbie

7.  Hot (potato) Barbie

8.  "Find the Barbie" search

9.  Make pink heart magnets

10.  Pin the braid on Barbie.  Make a large cut out of Barbie then have the girls make braids for hair.



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