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Barney Party
Or purple party

Purple puzzle pieces broken apart and sent in a mailing tube with
instruction sheet.  Guests need to assemble puzzle pieces to find out details to the party.

Decorations: Lots of purple, green and yellow balloons. 

birthday party in a box

in a box
Party supplies in
Many colors

Cake and Food:
Barney cupcakes; purple punch; I Love You sandwiches (pb&j sandwiches
in heart shapes)  Large purple cake with green spots.

Goodie Bags:
Favors:  "Barney bags" used for egg hunt;  kids keep the eggs they find;
purple "poppers" with dinosaur inside; balloon treats made by clown.
To make poppers, use cardboard tubes, place dino toys inside and wrap with tissue paper and tie with ribbon.

Games and Activities:

Entertainer:  clown who will come and do Dinosaur balloons

Barney piñata

Purple, green and yellow dinosaur egg hunt using "Barney bags" in purple, green and yellow for guests to use to hold collected eggs;

Pin the heart on Barney

Find Barneys spots...make purple spots and hide them around the room, outdoors.  Maybe have clues on the back to find a bag of goodies. OR an action they must do...like pretend they are something and have the other kids guess (like charades)



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