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Baseball Party
(variations - other ball games)


Make up invitations to resemble a ball game ticket.
The Seat location will be your home address.

Baseball Party Supplies
Baseball party supplies 

Red, white and blue.  Cover the table with a green plastic table cloth and put white squares down as bases.

Food and Cake:
Use toy batters helmets to serve chips and popcorn.
Serve sodas & hotdogs.
For the cake, make a baseball from a round heat proof bowl.  Frost white and add red stitching.

Goodie Bags:
Put party favors into large plastic drink cups.  Party favors can be Cracker Jacks, baseball cards, whistles, etc.  Wrapped with colored cellophane.  Store them in a canvas sports bag during the party.

Activities & Games:

Decorate plain plastic batter's helmets.  Use write-on paint, stickers and glitter.   Have the kids put their name and a design on them. 

Play baseball.  Allow time for all the kids to rotate to the different positions.

Base Hit:  Purchase blow up bats and wiffle balls.   Have the kids hit the balls at a target or through a hoop.  Give each 3-4 turns and give a prize for the highest score.

Ball Player Craft:  Use large sheets of butcher paper and outline each child.  Let them color or paint themselves as a baseball player. 

Blindfolded baseball:  draw a baseball field on a cork board or large poster board.  Blindfolded the kids, who then have to pin a baseball on the "field."  They get certain points for different plays --
if they pin their ball near first base-one point;
at home plate-four points, etc. 
The child with the most points gets a new baseball.

Piñata shaped like a baseball, use a plastic bat to hit it with.

For other ball games - use the appropriate ball, hats, etc



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