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Beanie Baby Party
Celebrate your child's birthday with a Beanie Friend who's birthday comes at the same time. 

Beanie Baby graphics.
Come to a Beanie Party
Celebrate "child's name" and "beanie's name" birthday's
Bring along Beanie Baby Friend

Lots of bright colored balloons and Beanie Babies all over.

birthday party in a box
in a box
Party Supplies

Sheet cake with color of child's choice.
Plastic tub (margarine, etc) cover with white paper decorated with Beanie pictures or designs.  Place this on the cake centered around any writing that you want on the cake.  Place the Beanie of honor on the top.

Food Ideas:
Animal crackers, peanuts and popcorn, goldfish, other animal shaped foods.

For animal shaped foods:
Tomato halves upside down with olive slices and a large olive for the head makes cute Ladybugs.

Scoops of vanilla chocolate chip ice-cream
with M&M eyes and Oreo cookies quartered for ears make cute Dalmatians ( a little icing for the mouth and placed in a cupcake liner).

Make a large cookie shaped like the Giraffe iced with a cream cheese frosting and topped with chopped peaches (spaced like giraffe spots).  Use cut chocolate licorice rope for the mane. (this was like a fruit tart)

Turtles (small watermelon half upside down with tiny shapes for feet and head)

Instead of cake we make cupcakes of his favorite beanie:

The Chameleon
Tint the batter half green/  half pink and swirled it.  Then for the frosting do the same using some blue as well.  Use red mini M&M's for eyes and red frosting for the mouth.  Cut fruit rollups (green only ) for a
strip of the scales and position them at the top. 

Take Home Goodies:
Give each child a Beanie Baby.  Let the child search for the beanie through a "Beanie Hunt."  Have enough clues for each child.  For the first clue have them draw from a basket.
Tie a ribbon to each Beanie and let them hang out of a basket.  Before leaving the party let each child choose one ribbon.  You could even tie a balloon to the end.

Games and Activities:
1.  Beanie Collars:  Have the kids make collars for the beanies that they brought to the party.  Use a wide ribbon and sticky Velcro.  Have them put their name on the ribbon and decorate with mini pom-poms and markers.

2.  Bean Drop:  Need dried beans, narrow top jar.  Have each child try to drop 10 beans into the jar while standing straight.  One that gets the most in wins.

3.  Pin the tag (or tail) on the Beanie Baby.

4.  Beanie Hide and Seek.
Count all the beanies that you will use and hide them around.  The child that finds the most wins.

5.  Hot Beanie
Wrap a Beanie Baby in a box.  Play hot potato and the last child left gets the prize.

6.  Beanie Charades
Give each child a Beanie Character name and have them act out who they are.

7.  Beanie Baby Circle Tag
Have the kids stand in a circle.  Players pass one BB around.   "It" stands in the center and tries to tag the person holding the BB.   The tagged person becomes "It."  You could also let the children pass the BB behind their backs.

8.  Put a Beanie in a pillowcase and have them guess which one it is.

As prizes, instead of a Beanie Baby per game, give them a heart shaped "tag."  The one with the most "tags" at the end of the party gets the BB.

For more games, look under the Teddy Bear Party!

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