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Blue's Clues Party
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Puppy Dog Party


Find Blue's graphics online for cover.

You're invited to a party and here's your first clue. Blue and her friend___________ will be waiting for you.  It's ____________'s birthday and we're going to celebrate.   The party starts at _(time_) on (day)(date).  The party is at __________'s house (address) You won't want to be late.  Blue hopes you're ready for fun 'cuz she can't wait!  P.s. Wear blue from head to shoe so Blue will recognize you!

dog party
Puppy Dog Party Supplies

From Birthday in a Box

Write the invitation on a notepad that tears off at the top.  Usually Blue gives 3 clues so you could put the message on 3 papers to give the invitation the same format as the show.  Put the notes inside a metallic blue mailing tube along with blue confetti, blue jelly beans or any blue candy, maybe a blue dog cut out of paper or doggie foot prints.Send a  huge Blue's Clue paw print that states, "Guess What.. someone is having a birthday party..."

Tie helium balloons of different shades of blue in clusters of 3 or 5 to the back or chairs or tucked into corners.  Put blue paw prints on walk leading to the house and the walls.   Use 3 different areas of your home as party areas to play games, make a craft, and eat. These 3 areas will be areas that that children will be lead to by reading the Blue's clues. You may want to enlarge Blue so she can be in all the Party areas. Use blue table cloth and decorations based on shades of blue, turquoise and darker blues. 
Purchase Blue's Clues tapes with songs and games from the show.
Make Mailbox. Constructed out of a huge box and construction paper, like the mailbox from the show. As all of the guests arrive with gifts,  place them in and around the mailbox. When it comes time to open the
presents, play the mail song which was on the tape. When Mailbox yells "present time, present time, open the present, see what's inside" from the Blues Clues Birthday Party video.

Cake and Food:
"Paw print" made with a large round cake for the main portion with cupcakes as the paw pads, all frosted in blue of course!
Color other foods blue.  Serve a blue punch & hot dogs.  Chips served in a large dog dish marked "Blue."
Serve ice cream and cake in small plastic doggie bowls with the kids names on them...they get to take them home after the party.

Goodie Bags:
Doggie Bag made from a blue lunch sack or use a Shovel and Pail.  Decorate them to look like Shovel and Pail.  For the goodies, make coloring books using resources online.  or sand bucket "Pail & Shovel" with shovels inside as the party favor holder: painted faces and all, filled them with all sorts of things for the kids.

Games and Activities:

Game and Activities for: "What is missing at this party?" and "Where is the  missing thing?")  As children discover the clues, they write them down
in their notebooks and then put it all together to find an answer.

Put paw prints on the birthday child's back, a roll of wrapping paper, and a roll of ribbon.   
So the answer to "what is missing" is one of the birthday child's presents!

Then put paw prints on a glass of water, a jar of bubbles, and a slippery soap doll.  
The answer to "where is the missing thing" is that it was is the bathtub!

Enlarged a copy of Mailbox (from Blues Clues) and colored him like he is
in the  show.  Then make one mailbox flag for each child and we played "Pin
the Flag on Mailbox" like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Purchase two sets of sand buckets and shovels and draw Shovel and Pail
faces on each of them.  Have a relay race where the children have to
pick up a small block with the shovel on one side of the room and then run
to the other and dump it into pail.  The first team to put all their blocks into pail is the winner.

As guests arrive, Paint a blue paw print on each child's cheek. This is blue's mark of friendship. Give each child a little notebook and neat blue pencil and let them draw or write their own clues.  Once most guests arrive, Parent reads a clue from blue about how to celebrate ______________'s birthday Depending on the size of the group, split the group in half or in small groups and give each group an adult leader and a notebook with 3 clues (suggested number of activities.)

Snack Shack:
In advance, prepare several doz. sugar cookies cut out in the shape of a dog bone. Mix prepared white frosting with blue food coloring. Have available several different kinds of sprinkles and decorations. Using plastic knives, let the kids spread the frosting and decorate their cookies. Place their cookies on a paper plate with their name on it. This can be part of their loot when they go home with their "doggie bag."

Dog Ears:
Give each child a headband with blue dog ears (made of craft foam or construction paper).   Let them decorate it with blue dots (those blue sticky dots used for labeling files available at office goods stores).  You could also paint a blue dog nose on each child.  A dog collar with i.d. tag will complete the look!  Then the little ones can run around & pretend to be dogs for a while. 

Doggie Dancing:
Tape songs from the show or websites listed above.

Blue scavenger hunt:
Let groups collect blue household items that they have to discover by reading clues. set a time limit, and the groups that find everything on their list in the time given will be the winners!

Outdoor fun:
Plan for the children to go outside for this activity. You can either mix a little blue food coloring into a large bottle of bubbles. pour the mixture into Frisbees and using different household objects like fly swatters, slotted spoons, potato mashers, etc. let children make lots of bubbles.  Or tape large pieces of white paper to the side of the garage or house. make a blue rinse using water and blue tempera powder. Let kids paint giant birthday pictures in the color blue!

Storytime with puppet show:
Make the puppets by printing characters off websites & laminating.  Attach to Popsicle sticks.

Blue's Paw print from Viacom International
A special thanks to both Julie Sinard  and to PM Nancy over at
http://www.Partymakers.com for many of these ideas.  Visit Nancy on the Birthday Recipe Board.

Clifford the Big Red Dog:
"Clifford says ... Come to my
party and have a dog-gone good time.  For, Date, Time, Place, etc.
Use the above ideas but in Red instead of blue!



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