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Bug Ball
In the Garden Party
Come to My Garden For a Bug Ball
We'll Waltz with the Butterfly's, Swing with the Ants and Jitterbug with the Ladybugs

Location: "name" Garden
RSVP: Head Gardener

Fairy Garden Party:  Create a garden arbor invite. On the cover put "Take a Peek through the Garden Gate". Inside "...The garden fairies have gathered to celebrate...A special day for a little princess"...(her name, age). "Please Come join the celebration at our Garden Fairy Party".


Garden Party Theme Supplies
from Birthday in a Box
Garden Party Party Supplies
Garden Party

Fairy Party Party Supplies
Fairy Party

Make large paper butterflies or paper flowers (this could also be a craft for the kids) Take construction paper and fold fan like after decorating it with crayons, markers, stickers, etc. Glue to a Popsicle stick or tongue depressor add chenille pipe cleaner antennae. Make other insects and paper flowers. Decorate with green, yellow and orange. Use flower pots to hold snack foods or decorate with flowers for centerpiece. Serve cake with a new garden trowel.

Can use a caterpillar with many cupcakes OR Decorate a sheet cake with flowers and bugs...maybe dancing bugs. Serve gummy worms and bugs in flower pots. Make dirt for the pots using crushed Oreo's. To make edible 'rocks' take crushed Oreo's, mix with peanut butter, shape with hands and freeze.

Food set up in "trees":  Pass a card to those attending containing directions. "take the path that winds through a garden; where the trees are laden with wonderful fruit and the bushes are hung with goodies.  At the Fountain of Youth drink deep, but beware of the Tree of Knowledge"
Have signs pointing to each post-
To the Tissue Wood Tree (napkins, plates)
The Fountain of Youth (sink in the ground or set out a large tub filled with sodas or lemonade)
Breadfruit Tree (sandwiches, each wrapped)
Egg Tree
Cookie Tree
Candy Tree
Fruit Tree
Nut Tree
Tree of Knowledge... Have lots of apple cut outs hanging from it with good fortunes written on the backs.  This could be a good spot to sit and eat.

Goodie bags and prizes:
Water can & plastic garden tools, seeds and planter, gummy worms and bugs, garden stickers, visor's they decorate.
Favors: Tiny metal pails (could also use small terra-cotta pots) and put in small resin flower teapots, small resin angel/ fairy, home made bubble wand (shrinky dinks), small glass ornamental candy.

Games and activities:

Craft: purchase plastic visors and stickers of garden items and bugs. Let the kids decorate them.

Butterfly Waltz (preschool): Need balloons with butterflies drawn on them. Music. 1 balloon per child. Kids keep the balloons in the air until the music stops, then freeze with their balloon when off.

Ladybug Jitterbug (elementary age up): Red water balloons, badminton poles and net or line, two sheets. form teams, each team gets a sheet. Place one "ladybug" in the center of the sheet that is being held by one team. The object is to fling the "ladybug" over the net for the other team to catch. A point is scored when a team misses the bug and it splatters.

Bee Boogie (all ages): Make a large daisy type flower on a thick stem, cut out center of flower. Attach flower to a stake or stick that can be stuck into the ground. Need ping pong balls, can draw bees on them. Give each child 3-6 balls, depending on age group/ability, have them toss into the flower center.

Garden Scavenger Hunt (all ages if younger kids are split up on teams with older kids): Have a list and bag ready for each team. Let them find-

Flower pedal, a bug, green leaf, brown leaf, weed, nut or seed, piece of grass, small white rock, twig, piece of trash found on ground, brown or green rock, feather, pine needle, pine cone or other cone, more

Gardener Relay (all ages): Make teams of 3-4 members. Need for each team, a garden trowel, seeds, water can with water. Have kids line up with their garden items. 1st takes the trowel and digs a small hole at the 'finish line' and runs back leaving trowel, second takes seed, plants it, covers it, third runs down with water can and waters the planted seed and leaves the can. Fourth runs down and picks up everything and brings it back. Can leave off the fourth if you only have three members per team, just have each player bring back their own item.

Bug Boogie: Have all the kids line up. This will be a game like red light / green light only they must move and act out like a bug called out.
ladybug, butterfly, praying mantis, bee, caterpillar, inch worm, etc

Rose Race:  Make two dozen paper roses from tissue paper and attach to a dowel/skewer.  Plant them three feet apart, twelve in a row.  Racers go in two's and gather all the roses and return to the starting point in the quickest time.  Replant and go again.

Garden Fairy Search. (variation on scavenger hunt). Print a map with clues and a poem to guide them to each location. At each location they will find a garden or fairy related prize they can keep as trinket (Oriental Trading Company has lots of stuff).  Use feather masks at the first location "Now you have your masks to play like me...put them on and see if you can find me..."
Give each child a bubble wand when they arrive that has a picture
of a particular fairy on it (clip art). In the backyard I have a larger versions of each fairy on 8 1/2x11card stock and have taped a feather mask on the back for the girls and a plain mask on the back for the boys.

"Sometimes we disguise ourselves as butterflies. This way we can fly around with our little disguise. Over by the bushes of the mailbox you will find...something to remember me by."

"By the Children's playhouse we often peek. To see their great games of make-believe."

"We have enjoyed the music and laughter you have shared...Now we must run and hide in our secret garden...but we leave behind a flower for you...that you can enjoy as the wind blows through...now run to the front of the house and see...the games we left for you and_______" 
Foam butterflies at one location, flower pin wheels at another, I had them
end at the pin the flower at the flower pot game.

Pin the Flower on the Flower Pot.  Use a big piece of gray felt and printed flower pots on card stock and flowers on card stock. Attached Velcro strips to the back of the flowers and had the kids pin the flowers on various flower pots (which can be rubber cemented on the felt piece.)

Piñata: Purchase a round Piñata that allows you to attach a picture to the front and paste on various fairy pictures to the front inter-mixed with flowers (all clip art)




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