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Bug Party
Very Hungry Caterpillar; Miss Spider; Ladybug

Graphics of bugs or bug stickers.
Words on front: 
Bug Out with (child's name) on his (year) Birthday!
Bee There:  Date
Fly on over to:  Location
Infestation Time: time
Buzzzzz ME:  RSVP
if siblings are welcome use:  "Pupae Welcome"
"Thank you for joining my Swarm"

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Sweet Bee Party Supplies
Sweet Bee
Butterfly Party Supplies
Butterfly Party

Ladybug Party Supplies

Ladybug:  Cut out a large red oval from cardstock and make small circles out of black cardstock. Paste the black circles onto the red oval as the ladybug dots. With a gold or silver pen, write in the important information needed for the guests (such as time, place, and date) on each black circle.

Child's favorite colors.  Draw, color and cut out bug pictures.   Tape to string and suspend from ceiling around the birthday party room.  Find bug shaped Mylar balloons.  Have antennas ready for all the kids that come.

For ladybug: Plates, napkins, plastic "silver" ware, cups: combination of red and black; tablecloth could either be red or black, or even white with red and black confetti on it.

Goodie bags:
Bug house (either make or purchase) fill with /attach butterfly net, bug viewer, notepad and pencil, gummy bugs.  Bug tattoos.

Birthday in a Boxbug gummy candy

Cake & Food:
Caterpillar- Use cupcakes in the amount of children.  Turn them upside-down (use no liners).  Frost bottoms and sides.  Set them side by side to form a wiggly caterpillar.  Use gumballs for eyes, cut lengths of licorice or use the sour type whips kids like for the legs and antenna.

Ladybug Cake: round cake with red icing, with Oreo's or junior mints as the ladybug spots and black licorice as legs and antennas.

Dirt Cake-Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing.  Cover with crushed Oreo's. Add gummy worms and gummy spiders (octopus).

Caterpillar cake- use bundt cake, cut in half and join ends to make a wiggly caterpillar.  Frost, add string licorice for feet, mouth and other candies for antennae and eyes.

Serve food with holes cut out of them (fruit, cheese, bread)...like the very hungry caterpillar book, read the book while they eat.

Ants on a log; Fruit juice nectar

Activities and Games~

Make a Bug Jar or Decorate an already made bug jar:
Need oatmeal containers or other cardboard containers with lids.  Screen mesh.
Wrap each in white butcher paper and glue down.
Cut out an assortment of windows.  Add mesh to inside and hot glue.
Let children decorate outsides with markers.
(for younger children, have these already made, but let them decorate them: Use letter stickers for names; bug stickers)

Bug Hunt:
Need:  lots of plastic bugs.
Hide the bugs around the house or outside.
Let the children find them.  One with the most wins.  Let them keep the bugs.
Variation of the Bug Hunt:
Fill a wallpaper trough with rice (you can dye it any color).  Put in plastic bugs and let the kids tweeze them out within a timed limit.

Spider Crawl:
Individual Race or Team Relay
Have the children get into the spider crawl position.  Have them race through a course or a set area.

Buggy Safari:
Have the kids use their new bug jars and go on a Bug Scavenger Hunt or just to see how many different bugs they can find.  Have a bug guide book around to identify them.  Let the bugs go afterwards.

Need:  Egg cartons, cut down the middle.  Pipe cleaners, paint or markers.   Wiggly eyes and glue.
Let the children make caterpillars from the egg cartons.  Use the pipe cleaners for antenna and legs.  Let the kids decorate them with paint or markers.

Bugs Inside: 
Need:  box, Styrofoam peanuts, shredded paper, candies, gummy worms/bugs, misc. bug toys.
Take box and fill with all the goodies.  Mix in toys, candies etc.
Cut hand size hole in one side.
Let kids reach in and feel around...they can pick one item to pull out and keep!   Hopefully something good.

Pin the spider on the web:   
Purchase some small plastic spiders and make a paper (or string) web. The idea is to get it as close to the middle of the web as possible.

Bean bug Toss:
Make a giant lady bug bean bag toss
game, the holes should the spots on the lady bug.  Make round red bean bags and paint the spots and features with black fabric paint. 

Find a bug piñata or make one to look like a bug with wings.
For the stick, make it look like a large flyswatter.  Fill with toy bugs, bug tattoo's and candies.

Read Buggy Stories: 
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
"The Very Quiet Cricket"
"Ladybug's Birthday" by Steve Metzgar;
"The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle



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