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Camp Out Jamboree Party

Come Join "name" under the stars for a Camp Out Jamboree!
We'll be celebrating "name" '8th' Birthday!
"Last Name" Camp Ground:  address
Bring:  Your sleeping bag, pillow, ghost stories, ...
Birthday in a Box
Camping Party Invites

decorations & Set up:
Outside set up a tent(s)
Camp fire or low grill
Camp chairs or beach chairs

Cake and Food:
Gorp mix, chips, a big cooler full of lemonade or other drink.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, pot of beans, and for a late snack...smores and roasted marshmallows.
Cake:  Person in a sleeping bag~ Use a rectangular cake pan.  From the cake cut off 1 11/2" from one long edge.  Use this piece to form a head at one end.   Frost the bag (the main piece) with a blue using a darker blue for the sewn channels.  Along the bottom and one edge use white or gray for the zipper.   Frost the head, flesh color and use a frosting tool/applicator to make hair.   Add touches for eyes etc.
Use a rectangular cake, frost green and add Oreo 'dirt.'  Add frosting sleeping bags/heads around a pretzel campfire.  Find plastic trees for decoration.

Goodie Bags:
Mini toy binoculars, whistles, mini compasses, bag of gorp.
Birthday in a Box Fun camping party favors from Birthday in a Box.

Games and Activities:
Nature Scavenger Hunt:
Make a list of natural things that you can find around the 'camp site' and make a list for each individual or team.  See how many they can find.

Freaky Nature Hunt:
Doctor up different plants, trees, make your own freaks of nature.  i.e.:  An orange growing on a oak, flowers out of tree trunks, etc.  Keep a list and see who can find them all within a time limit.

Frisbee Golf:
Need aluminum pie plates, string, one Frisbee per player.
Hang pie plates around the area, on tree limbs at different heights OR if there are no trees, set them on the ground.
To Play~  Starting at a designated area 'tee.'  Throw the Frisbee toward the pie plate.  If the Frisbee does not hit the plate, this is were they throw from next.   Keep a record of how many tries it takes per player to hit each 'hole.' 

Lion Hunt:
Select one child to the the lion.   They get to go out and hide using a baggie full of bean, rice, etc to lay their trail (every 6-10 feet) and six tennis balls or bean bags.  Give the lion time to set up their hiding spot, then let the Patrol go after him.  Following his marks and armed with one tennis ball or bean bag each.

The lion may stay hidden or creep upon the hunting party, run etc, but were ever he goes, he must leave his droppings behind.

When the hunting party comes near his lair, the lion fires at them with his tennis balls.  The moment a hunter is hit he is dead and cannot throw his tennis ball. If the lion gets hit by a hunter's tennis ball he is wounded.  If he gets wounded three times he is killed.
Tennis balls may be fired only once; they cannot be picked up and fired again.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: (Play around a campfire)
Select one person to be 'it' and give them a flash light and have them leave the area.
Select another person to be the monkey and have 'it' come back.  The monkey then begins to make faces and actions which the other players copy.  'It' must try to figure out who the monkey is.

Flashlight Tag or flashlight freeze tag.

Going on a Camping Trip:
Have everyone in a circle.  First person begins with "I'm going on a camping trip and I'm going to bring (something that starts with the letter a), next b, c, etc.   With everyone repeating what was said before them.

Camp Songs:

Campfire Song Book - Part 1

Scouting Web Songs




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