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Cartoony Party

Come to a Looney Cartoony Birthday Party
Wacky Stuff Begins: time
Looney Location:
Other Ideas:
Make Wooden cutouts of characters and list information in back.
Make Character masks, for younger children, put information on the back.
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birthday party in a box

Lots of balloons in bright colors.  Table-cover with a paper table cloth.   Draw on a roadway so it weaves around the food...like a Roadrunner cartoon highway.   Make cartoonish signs using Popsicle sticks for food.

Cake and Food:
Decorate the cake to be the favorite character of your child's.
Food food, serve: 
Roadrunner Feed:  Popcorn and Peanuts
Bugs Bunny Nibblers:  Carrots and other veggies with dip
Speedy Gonzalas Cheese Sticks:  Either baked mozzarella sticks or string cheese.

Goodie Bags:
Decorate a paper lunch bag with Looney Tunes Stickers
Add character stuff inside.
Comic Books, etc

Games and Activities:
  Tweety, Tweety, Sylvester:  Play like Duck, Duck, Goose.

  Taz Toss: 
Need:  Poster board, bean bags.
Draw and color in Taz's face on a large piece of poster board.  Cut a hole for his mouth.  Kids must toss the bean bags into Taz's mouth. 
To make bean bags- Use felt pieces.  Fill sandwich bags with rice or dry beans.   Place these between felt and staple ends or sew.  Children can decorate these if you make one per child.

  Cartoon Tag:
"It" has to try to tag the others.  The others must try to come up with a different cartoon character before being tagged or they become "it."

  Name that Car-Tune:
Need a tape with various cartoon themes and other well known songs.  Party horn for each child.
Place kids into teams and line them up.
The children in front go first.  They must try to guess the song.  When they recognize the tune they toot their horn then give their answer.  If a horn is tooted out of turn, the other team gets a point.

  Wile E. Coyote Rocket Race:
Need one per child:  String, Straw, Balloon, tape and clothes pin.
Tie one end of the strings to something solid, like a fence.
Blow up each balloon and pinch off with a clothes pin.
Gently tape the straw to the balloon, lengthwise.  Run untied end of string through the straw.
Have each child hold the end of their string and balloon.  Say "go" and have them all let go at once.  See who's balloon reaches the end first.

  Sheepdog Sam and Fred, sheep roundup:
Need:   Blown-up and tied off balloons one color per team (5-6 each).   Brooms or sticks.
Place balloon/sheep in a center area and give each player/team a "safe spot" that will be were they need to take their sheep to.  Players must "herd" their sheep into their safe spot...1st team to round up their sheep wins.  For younger kids, give them each a prize based on the number of sheep in the pen.
For older kids, assign a coyote to each team.  That person may "steal" away the sheep by kicking it away, but not out of the safe area.

Site for Music:
Looney Tunes: The Musical

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