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The Cat in the Hat Party

Invitation:  Download Dr. Seuss images from the web or find stickers to decorate around your wording:
    "We're having a party!  It's plain as can be!
    I want you to celebrate with me!
    The Cat will be there along with the Fish,
    Horton & Sam, the 2 Things and we wish
    that you would come too!  We'll have much more fun!
    We'll play in the rain....we'll play in the sun!
    So get in your Who-train:  DATE
    Start making tracks:  TIME
    Meet us all at the Prairie of Prax:  PLACE
    We're having a party!  It's plain as can be!
    I want you to celebrate with me!"

    If you chose the primary Cat-in-the-Hat everything can be red, white, blue, and yellow.  Find play umbrellas at the local dollar store (the kid sized ones)  and hang them open from the ceiling. 
On an overhead projector, enlarge the Cat with Thing 1 and Thing 2 on either side of him.  Put these on a large cardboard box with the Cat's head off.  Find a red & white stovepipe hat and put the hat on the kids and stand them behind the box as though they were the cat.  
 (what else?) Green Eggs and Ham!  Deviled eggs and color the filling green and have a large ham and sandwich fixings. 
 Make the Cat's Hat for the cake.  Stack four 8" round cakes.  Put a cake board between the second and third layers with your support dowels underneath the board so it doesn't collapse.  Use 6" rounds for less cake.  Use 2 cardboards or a foam core board circle for the brim.  Draw a circle 4" larger in diameter than your cake, cut it out.  Cut out a center circle 2" less than your cake diameter out of your brim.  Wrap the "Doughnut" in foil and cover with icing.  Ice the cake with wide red/white bands.  For right side up cake put the brim on the bottom and stack cakes on top, for upside down cake, put brim on top and ice center black or dark blue. 
    Also you could use the book pan from Wilton and copy two of the pages from your favorite Seuss Storybook.
Goodie Bags:
 Find small cardboard star boxes at the craft store and painted them bright green--Sneetch green. Fill these with candy and a Seuss sayings.  Make doorhangers with the Grinch on one side--Stay Out!  and the Cat on the other--Come and Play!  Of course bookmarks are a must!  Any Dr. Seuss book would make a great take-home gift as well.  Also, the kids can each take home one umbrella from the ceiling.
   Read The Foot Book while the kids use washable markers to decorate their feet.  Take pictures of their feet.
    Practice balancing things on your heads like the Cat in the Hat.  Use plastic plates, cups, & books and counted who could get the most on their head. 
    Play Sneetch Beach Ball.  Each person gets a star to wear on their bellies and every other person got two stars.  Using a beach ball, pass the ball to someone who was different from you.  One-star must pass the ball to a two-star.  If they passed to the same kind, they are out.  When only one kind of star-belly is left declare their team the winner. 
    Horton Hears a Who.  Have the birthday child make an animal sound for everyone to guess.  Then each child makes a sound for the others to guess. 
Thank You Cards:
    Make a card on the computer which said "The End" with the Cat's picture on it. Enclosed the kids' picture as the Cat along with their thank you note.

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