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Chef Party

Mary's turning 6, Let's Bake a Cake and (on the inside) have a party too.

Red and white table cloths.  The kitchen table was draped with a paper tablecloth and I put the hats and aprons at each setting.  Also on the table were paper plates and lots of doilies.  As the kids arrived we dressed them in their chef attire and took Polaroid pictures of each child holding a bunch of balloons next to the birthday girl. As the kids play party games glue the pictures on little pastry boxes. 

Make a little girl or boy with an apron on and a paper chef hat.  

Take Home Goodies:
Make all of the party guests chef aprons out of duck cloth.  When the guests arrive they can make their own chef hats out of 5" wide strips of white poster board. Fit the band to their head size, tape sheets of crumpled up white tissue paper to the hat to make it puffy.  After the hats, they can use fabric markers to decorate their aprons. 

Pre-made chef's hats & aprons

If you prefer, pre-decorate aprons and hats: decorate the kids chef aprons with fabric paints.  Paint on balloons, party hats and the kids' names.  The birthday girl/boy can also have a drawing of a birthday present and  sew on a fabric bow as the bow on the present.  Chef has can be sewn, if you have that ability. Circle for the poof part and a rectangle strip for the headband.  For adjustability sew an elastic strip to the headband.  Decorate the headband part with fabric paints also.

Favor bag can also be made put the dry ingredients for homemade play dough in a paper bag, with the instructions, a few plastic cookie cutters, and wooden rolling pins made from a closet rod, cut into 12" pieces and sanded smooth.    You can also add mini cooking items- mini spatulas, muffin tins, wooden spoons, etc.

Activities (food is included here since this is a cooking party):

Pizza Party: While they are decorating aprons, have them come in to the kitchen one at a time to make their own pizza.  Have a variety of toppings for them to choose, and pre-made mini crusts. Let the kids put on as much or as little as they want.  To keep all of the pizzas straight on whose belonged to whom, I make a little map on a piece of paper to show where on the cookie sheet I placed each pizza.  by Monica Gray

Mini cakes:  Pre-bake several mini cakes in shapes ranging from hearts to Winnie the pooh.  Make from easy jiffy cakes in white and chocolate.   Plus tubes of colored frosting with a different size tip on each and an assortment of sprinkle candies.   Let the kids came up and decorate one or two of the mini cakes.  Put tubs of white frostings on the table and the kids used their mini-spatulas to frost them then they squeezed colored frostings and sprinkled candies on however they liked.  To keep it semi-clean, the cakes can be placed on doilies.    (20 minute project, max)
Wrap each cake in colored saran wrap and place in their baker boxes with their mini spatulas. 

Pin the pieces on the Pizza

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