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Games and Activities for All Kids
Disabled kids and non-Disabled Kids

great for parties, home and camp

1. Cookie decorating

2. Large free-form murals (squirting paint onto a large surface to make a banner, for example) or using hands and feet dipped into acrylic paint to make a picture. This works well for t-shirts or sheets, as well as walls.

3. International sing-along - songs from different cultures

4. Clapping games

5. Catch the Bunny: Need two balls of different size.   The bunny (small ball) is started first and is passed from child to child seated in a circle. When the bunny is about half way around, the farmer (large ball) is started in the same direction.  The farmer can change directions to try and catch the bunny, but the bunny can only go one way.

6.  Gathering Snowballs: each child takes a turn at trying to pick up cotton balls and put them into a mixing bowl, blindfolded.

7. Topic Talk:  Kids sit in circle, one in the center.  A ball is given to the circle and a topic given to the child in the center.   When the ball is passed, the child in the center must list as many things that they can on that topic.  i.e.:  winter:  snow, snowballs, frost, ice...    Cooking: bowl, flour, spoon, bake, oven...  Have someone count how many things they
can get before the ball comes back to the starting point.

8. Birds Fly:  All players with hands on hips. The leader stands/sits in front, calling out the names of various animals and saying that they fly. If the animal really does fly, the kids make flapping motions with their "wings". If a they make an error - by flapping their arms, they are eliminated. The leader may try to confuse the players by flapping his own wings every time. Examples of calls: "Robins fly, pigs fly, ducks fly, hawks fly, horses fly," etc.

9.  Who's the Cook:  need:  1 die, oven mitts, chef's hat, one object or something that can be eaten (candy bar or cookie) wrapped in 6-8 layers of paper.  Kids are sitting in a circle.  The child to the left of the child who was given the wrapped item starts rolling the die while the person with the wrapped item starts to put on the hat and oven mitts.  Once the oven mitts and hat are on the player  they starts to unwrap the item.  The unwrapping
continues until the roller rolls a 6.  When that happens, everything is passed to the left, and a new person starts to roll the die, and the old roller starts to put on the mitts and hat.  The game continues until the item is unwrapped and eaten if it is a edible.

10.  What do you Feel?:    Fill a few bags with varying items.  (i.e.  chunk of bread, a piece of soap, a candle, a stick of gum, a sock, tissue, small damp towel, leaf, more).  Be sure to have things that are difficult to distinguish.  Sit the kids in a circle.  Give the bags out and ask the them to pick out one of the objects without looking in the bag.   If they pick out the wrong objects they must put it back.  Then the bags are passed on to let
someone else have a turn.

11.  Murder:  A number of papers are cut out (same as players) only one is marked murderer.  Players sit in a circle.  The murderer tries to wink at other players without being seen.  The winked at person, waits a bit, then 'dies.'  The players try to figure out who the murderer is.  A player may make a guess, but if guesses wrong, both he and the one he guessed are dead.

12.  Coin or ping pong ball Toss:  toss coins/balls into small bowls floating in tubs of water

13.  Bubble catch and pass:  need:   socks, bubble mix.  kids put socks on their hand and the blower blows the bubbles.  Kids catch bubbles and see how long they can hold them without them popping.  Next, try passing the bubble from one to another in a circle.

14. Potato Golf:  need- small potatoes or balls,   three different size spoons, table, dishes, saucers or containers of different sizes.  Lay out the containers on a table top within reach of participants.  Set them 1-2 feet apart.  The object is to toss the potato using one of the spoons to each "hole" or dish using as few strokes as possible.

15. Freeze tag. While someone plays music all the children must be in motion but when the music stops anyone that is still moving is out. Keep playing until there is only one or two left.

16. Bean bag toss. A big picture painted on plywood would work. Like a clowns face with the mouth cut open and then depending on the ability of the child would determine how close or far away that they could throw from.

17. Mud pies in pie tins. Each child gets a pie tin filled with dirt and water and they must switch it around and then smooth it out. They then make their hand print in it. You could then pour plaster of paris in it and make a mold for them to take away with them as a a reminder of the camp.

18. Face painting. The adults could paint it on the kids that have limited handling capabilities. The other children could look at examples and paint clouds, hearts, rainbows, etc. on their own faces by looking in the mirror. It's a little bit of a challenge because it is a mirror image that they are looking at. Or they can paint each other's faces.

19.  Water balloon relay races. They can carry the balloon in their lap if they are in chairs and either someone can push them to a certain line or they can wheel themselves there to hand it off to the next person.



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