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Sound the Alarm!!!
It's time for _____ birthday party

Decorations:   Red and White

Cake: Decorate with Dalmatian candles. OR
9x13 - frosted white.  Making a "burning" building from graham crackers.   Have the candles poke out of the building for effect and surrounding it with Hot Wheels fire trucks and action figures.
for food, serve in plastic fire hats.
OR serve white cupcakes and let the kids put on Dalmatian spots.

Firefighter Party Supplies
Firefighter party supplies from
Birthday in a Box

in a box
Fireman hats

Goodie Bag Favors:  Dalmatian pencils, inexpensive fireman hats (write the kids names on them with a white marker), Red Hots, a Hot Wheels fire truck, Dalmatian stickers, a Dalmatian balloon and a siren whistle.
Do you sew?  Make simple fireman coats for each one out of black flannel, stick-on Velcro and yellow reflective tape.


Visit a fire station or  Invite a local firefighter to the party.

Fire Fighter Relay:  Kids must put on large rubber boots, fireman's hat and a rain coat, walk/run through obstacles (walk a plank, step through inner tubes, and other objects)  rescue a teddy bear or toy cat from a small 'tree' then run back to their team so the next in line can go.

Put the fire out:  Have small squirt guns for each of them.   Set up targets that they can squirt to "put out the fire"  or chalk a fire on a sidewalk/driveway and let they erase it with the squirt guns.

Bingo Make Bingo boards with just four squares across and down.   Draw illustrations of different firefighter gear - fire hat, hose, truck, coat.

Make fire trucks from boxes-see the race car party on my page.

Firetruck, Firetruck, Dalmatian - like duck, duck, goose (or young kids can say..truck, truck, dog)

Hot Dalmatian or truck- Using a stuffed Dalmatian or a firetruck toy, play like hot potato.



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