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50's Party/Sock Hop
Ice Cream Shop, Drive-In

Grease is the Word! -on the front with Grease graphics.
Come to my party On:
Grease is the Time:
Grease is the Place: Rydell High School Gym (AKA my house, garage etc) or   "your last name" Drive-In Theater
Dress as a Grease or 50's character!
Rock Star Party Supplies

Decorate your garage or room in your house 50's style like the gym where the dance was held. Or do it up like a drive-in.   Make a large cut out of a 50's style car.  Find a  stand-up Danny Zuko for them to take pictures with and pass them out as party favors.  OR find a movie look-a-like to pose with them, a convertible or cardboard jukebox.
For decorations, use cardboard records or old 45's hanging around.  Crepe paper, balloons, music notes and movie posters.  Set up a "ice cream bar" or tables.  Set a "road sign" out front.

Cake & Food:
A simple sheet cake with GREASE written over the front.  
Record cake-Round cake with grooves around the outside, put the birthday child's name in the center part.
Drive-in Cake:  Sheet cake with small cars parked next to speakers (toothpicks or candles).  Use graham crackers for the screen, cut out a small picture of the movie and attach it to the g. crackers.
Food:  Serve hamburgers, fry's, sodas, shakes or let them wait to make their own ice cream sundaes with all the toppings.

Goodie Bags:
Photos taken with props, bazooka gum, sunglasses, cotton candy bags, for girls-red nail polish and scarves, for boys -black combs, dark shades. Key chains, travel games and cards for a drive in party.

Games and Activities:

Watch the anniversary edition of the movie (if you have the full script they can mimic their favorite characters).

Watch the movie then take the Grease quiz.

Lip Sync the songs to the sound track.   Make copies for each child and put them in a notebook to pass out for lip syncing on a karaoke machine.

Hula hoop contest

Dances & contests:  Twist, Limbo, Stroll

Bubble gum blowing contests:  Have LOTS of Bazooka gum for this one.

Straw cover blowing:  See how far they can blow the covers off their straws.

Toothpick and Straw blow:  Set up a Styrofoam sheet and let the kids, one at a time, try to blow a toothpick through their straw toward it.  The object is to get it to stick.  No blowing at each other!

Catch popcorn - toss to each other.

Tag games outside in the "drive-in" playground.  7-up is a good one.  Attach 7 clothes pins to the back of each person.  On go, everyone tries to pluck the clothes pins off of each other...may not go out of bounds or they lose a pin.

For a girls sleepover, have the girls put up their hair in old fashioned curlers before they "sleep."

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