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Halloween Party

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Any haunted house.

Black balloons and black crepe paper. 
Any Halloween decorations you may have
"Specimen Jars" can be anything that has the potential of looking yucky.  Soak off labels and make new ones with what they would be in your "lab."

Vienna sausages (baby food jar):   Fingers
Shredded red cabbage or sour kraut:   Brains
Hard boil eggs, crack shells and soak in tea, peel:  Eyes.
Tip:  Look down the food isles at the grocery store.

Hangman's noose hanging.  Add a cows tongue to the table.  Dried ice around punch bowl for effect. 

Make an operating table:
1 plastic skeleton, apart at the waist
1 plastic table cloth
Boiled and oiled spaghetti
Lay skeleton on table and cover with cloth, except head.  Slit area over stomach.   Place pan of spaghetti for guts.  In heart area you can place something that moves.  I used a jumping spider (the kind on a air tube), turned upside down.   The flipper on the bottom would jump when we squeezed the puffer.

Outside Decorations:
Create tombstones,  These can be made from old plywood and spray painted black and silver.  Paint in the words.

Here lies:
Ted N. Buried
U. R. Next
Fester N Rot
Here Lies Good old Fred...A Great Big Rock Fell on His Head

Food and Snacks:
This is really gross but fun.
1 Cat litter pan
1 Cat litter scoop
1 large box Grape Nuts
1 large sack Tootsie Rolls (unwrapped)
Box powdered sugar
Mix the Grapenuts with the powdered sugar.  Pour into litter box and add Tootsie rolls, stir in.  Set scoop in box.  Let guests help themselves or offer while you sample.

Witches Fingers:
Long chicken strips

Worm Casserole:
6 oz egg noodles and 8 oz spaghetti, cooked.   Mix with 1 Tablespoon butter and 1 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese.  Bake until melted.  Sprinkle with bread crumbs (dirt) and bake until toasted.

Dip nutter butter cookies in melted while chocolate.  Use two mini chocolate chips for eyes-- great ghost-- Stacey

Use Oreo cookies lift top put three strands of licorice across cookie and put top back on.  Use two dots of icing to anchor red hots for eyes.-- Stacey

Make a punch from Orange Kool-Aid and float plastic spiders in it.  (not for very young children)

Need  1 large pumpkin.   Cut open lid for pumpkin and loosen up the insides.  Remove some of the insides.  Place coins, or small plastic toys, inside pumpkin guts.  Have kids place hand inside to find their prize.  OR instead of pumpkin guts, clean out pumpkin completely and add spaghetti.~ angela

Games and Activities:
Mystery Boxes
Need boxes with lids with a different "spooky" item in each one.  Decorate the boxes with special effects, spider webs etc.  Inside put...

             bones (fresh carrots or use well cleaned chicken bones)

             brains ( tofu- round off the edges)

eyeballs (P(Peeled grapes or oiled olives)

fingers (hot dogs or cheese sticks)

hair (cut from an old doll, an old wig or saved silk from corn on the cob)

hand (Fill a latex surgical glove with water, drape it over a bowl to give it some shape and freeze it. Just before the party, stick it in a tray of dirt, sand, or rice so your guests has to feel around in the dirt for the "buried hand".) 

Ears (dried apricots)

intestines ((wet cold spaghetti)

liver (a (half of a canned peach)

skin (oil a soft flour tortilla)

teeth (unpopped popcorn)

Halloween crafts~

Halloween banner:  Felt, small dowels, ribbon, sm. plastic eyes, glue.
Prepare before hand -take a felt square, you are going to want to fold one end over the down and glue down.  Tie the ribbon to the each end for hanger.
Prepare cut out of ghosts, moon, bats, etc (for young kids, older kids could cut their own)
Kids glue the figures onto the banner, add eyes and any other thing you have to decorate it.

Ghost "pins":
Take a cotton ball, fluff out to ghost shape.  Add eyes and tape on back to wear.

Pom-pom bats:
Large black pom-poms, plastic eyes, wings cut from construction paper or craft foam.

Pumpkin faces:
Craft foam, glue
Pre-cut shapes - pumpkin, stem, eyes, noses, mouths, etc all different shapes are great.   Let the kids design their own pumpkin face on their foam pumpkin.

For a less scary Halloween.   Offer grilled hot dogs, popcorn and cheese puffs served from a caldron.  Hay wagon rides, pulled by a riding lawn mower.  Have everyone come in costume and bring their own decorated pumpkin.  Could have contests for both costumes and pumpkins.   Hide candy in loose hay/straw and let kids find it.paper, it just won't last as long).

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