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Heart Party

Valentine Party

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Come to my Party
It will be quite Hearty!

Use a small tree (branch type used for Easter and other holidays).  Make small hearts to hang on them with ribbon.  On the back of each heart right the type of heart it will represent and color, make it up accordingly:
Rough heart - sandpaper
Broken heart - torn or cracked

Warm heart - made from flannel or felt
Heavy heart - made from wood or metal
Light heart - covered with feathers
Cold heart - Painted and sprinkled with white glitter
Sweetheart - made of candy
Sour heart - color of lemon
Stingy heart - thin
Generous heart - fat and plump
Sad heart - blue
Jealous heart - green
These can be used as part of a game.  Blindfold a person and let them pick to see what type of heart they have.
Colors for party - red, pink and white
lots of balloons, crepe paper and hearts.  Heart balloons would be wonderful.

Cake:  Heart Shaped
Food:  Heart shaped sandwiches

Goodie Bags:  Red or pink bags, cover with heart drawings or stickers.  Fill with conversation hearts, heart pencils, heart shaped items etc.

Games and Activities:

Heart Shooting:  Make several different size cardboard / posterboard hearts from 2-10" each.  Number each a point value, the smallest will have the highest points the largest, the lowest.   Hang them on a string about a foot apart.  Each player gets 5 tries to hit the hearts.  Use either small balls or a rubber dart gun.

Story Line:  Writing game.  Have each person with pencil and paper, write one line, ending with Heart.   Fold the paper in half and pass the paper to the right.  This person writes another line, without looking at the one above, but ends their line with a word that rhymes with heart.  Read them outloud.

Cut the Heart String:   Hang strings down with shapes attached with only one heart.  Have more than people attending.  Shapes and heart can be made of posterboard.  Hang at just over head height.  Blindfold one person at a time and give them sissors.  Then , they get one chance to cut off one string, no feeling.  The winner is the one who gets the heart string.

Heart Targets:  Draw a large heart on a piece of poster board.  Draw graduated hearts inside the large heart...like a target, mark each layer with points.  Use a bow and arrow (kiddie type with rubber suction cup).

Heart Clapping:  a musical chair type of game.  Make small palm size hearts, one less then those playing.  Lay on a dining or waist high table top (remove chairs).  Have everyone stand around the table.  When the music plays everyone circles.  When the music stops, they clap down on a heart.  The person without the heart, drops from this round.  Winner will be the one who remains at the end.

Mend a Broken Heart:   Team game, 2-3 people.  The object is to find and put together a large heart.   Make one large heart per team.  You need to divide, with lines, the hearts into 4 sections (make all the same).  Next you will make these sections into puzzle pieces, after you write directions on them.  These can be directions to find the next section of puzzle or an action they must do before the next section is completed.   Winner is the team that finishes first.




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