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Jungle Party
Jumanji Party & Tarzan

Use green construction paper to cut out large jungle type leaves for the party invitations.

To decorate, cut the seams from large garbage bags to make them double in length.   Hang them with tape, on the walls of your party room, covering all the walls. Use the same leaves used for invitations, make from both light & dark green paper, and tape them to the bags along with green streamers. This will give the room the look of a jungle.  You can use big rubber bugs to put around the room for even more of a jungle look.   Use stuffed animals and plants around the room.  For the table, green cups, plates, and table cloth.   Jungle music playing in the background during the party works great!

Animal Party Party Supplies
Animal Safari

Monkey Around Party Supplies
Monkey Around

Decorate a sheet cake to look like the box from the Jumanji board game. Use crape paper vines and more leaves  on the table along with more rubber bugs for effect.

Goodie Bags:
Favors in the goodie bags included: Safari Hats; Gummy Bugs, Small Magnifying Glass, Jungle Stickers, Rubber Lizards, Pencils with a Jungle theme, Little Toy Jungle Animals.

Games and Activities:
Watch the movie Jumanji, with popcorn & soda served.

Play the board game Jumanji.

Have a treasure hunt - make a map to their goodie bags, then cut the map in four pieces. Each piece of the map should be hid somewhere in or outside of the house.  Make little rhyming clues to find each piece of the map (such as "this is the largest ring around, you use it to shoot and rebound"). When the map pieces are found, the children put them together and followed the map to their goodie bags. Use a large box and decorated it like a treasure chest to put them in.

Jumanji game, obstacle course:  Make all the kids their own "big dice" out of milk cartons (these can also be favors).   Make an obstacle course with obstacles related to the movie.

Go on a on a safari hunt:  Use hidden stuffed animals that the kids can find OR buy a super large bag of the plastic kind.  Hide them all over and let the kids keep what they find.  Have an adult or another child to surprise everyone as "Van Pelt" and come hunting them (as in tag).  To represent the stampede you can get a huge roll of white/butcher paper.  Enlarge elephants, rhinos, zebras with the help of an overhead projector and trace then color them.

Find a local 'animal trainer' to bring in exotic animals to show the children.

For a Tarzan theme have the Dad or another guy dress as a jungle man (aka Tarzan) 

While the kids are playing in the yard, have him come and kidnap the birthday girl who is dressed as Jane or boy and hide her in the garage or other safe place (child will be in on it).  Tell the children that they have to help find the jungle girl (Aka Jane) or boy. 
Give them clues like a scavenger hunt. The birthday girl or boy can join in by putting on an animal mask.  As they get to each destination (ie the deck, the flower garden, the patio door) they pick up another clue and a gift for their goodie bag (toy binoculars, pads, pencils with jungle theme). When they find the jungle man, he has the birthday cake!



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