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The Three Little Pigs Party
and the Bad Wolf

Come watch 'child name'
Huff and Puff and Blow
her 2 candles out!
birthday party in a box

in a box
Pig pinata

Make cut-out wolf paw-prints to lead the way up your walkway for the wolf to knock on your door.  Make a three pigs and wolf 'wreath' for the door by using construction paper and curling ribbon on a stretched out hanger.  Add pink accordion tissue balls turned into pigs with construction paper ears, eyes, snoots and curling ribbon tails.  These can also be used to hang over the party table with a construction paper wolf in the center.  Make straw, stick and brick
construction paper houses for other areas.  Use a felt cut-out set of the story's characters to use on a birthday banner or make your own.  Make paper pig chains (like paper dolls) to hang around. (Plus lots of pink curling ribbon everywhere!)

Cake and food:
Pink pig cake from a round cake or make a three little pigs scene on a sheet cake.

Goodie Bags:
Make or find activity/coloring books.  Add a small, stuffed pig or wolf.   Inexpensive Three Little Pigs book.

Games and Activities:

Pin-the-tail on the pig:  make from construction paper, curling ribbon and tape.  

Catch the greased pig:  Use a pink ball with permanent marker pig drawn on in the pool (for a summer party)

Read the book to quiet down before cake and presents.   Let the kids participate by helping with the "huff and puff" parts.   You could also use a felt story board for younger kids to help show the story.

Give the kids a pig stamp on their hands as a 'prize' for participation.

Construct houses:  Using dried grass, Popsicle sticks and blocks.

Who's Afraid of the Wolf:  (like chicken and fox) have the kids line up on one side with the 'wolf' in the center.  The kids try to make it to the other side (the pigs house) to be safe again.  Any tagged become a wolf.

Mock Trial:  For older kids, put the wolf on trial.  Give the kids 'parts' to play (judge, jury, witnesses, wolf, pigs).

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