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Things You Will Need For the Party


On front use image of castle, knight or unicorn with the words "Come to my Magical Kingdom." Inside: Here Ye, Here Ye - It's a Birthday Party. Then all the other stuff, date, time, etc.

Party supplies for this theme available
from Birthday in a Box
Knight Party Supplies
Knight Party Supplies

in a box
Dragon Pinata
Castle, made with large appliance boxes OR if you have one of those "Little Tykes" or other plastic "jungle gym" do what I did. Cover at least the front side with butcher paper and cut out the openings. Decorate this to look like bricks. Make a flag with a dowel or broom handle and construction paper or cloth. Use streamers and balloons. Cover your table with a single color paper or plastic cloth. Run twisted streamers down the center along with star garland (the wire with flashy stars attached). Buy sequins to sprinkle over. Buy purple plates and hard plastic cups. You can hot glue (low temp only) sequins to the cups. Make wands for each child. Need: 2' dowel, star garland, 1/4" ribbon cut into strips. Cut the garland into 6" pieces. Hot glue one end of ribbon to end of dowel. Twist 3-4 pieces of star garland together in the center. Attach to end of dowel using hot glue gun. Twist out garland in all directions.

Birthday in a Box Goblets
Sheet cake. I used a Lego castle and a plastic unicorn (got lazy). Made a moat of blue frosting. I think you can make a cake castle using ice cream cone turrets.
Goodie Bags:
Paper lunch bags. Fray the open top about 3" down, all the way around. Fill the bag and tie it off with star garland.  You can also have capes for the kids made from sparkly material.  Add jewelry to the bags, dragon and castle items.

Birthday in a Box
Castle favor box


  1. Decorate Princess, Wizard Hats (cone shaped) or use crowns. Need: One hat per child. Stickers and streamers for princess hats.
  2. Tug of War. Princesses against the Wizards or Kings against Knights, etc
  3. Treasure Hunt: This one takes work. You will need a hiding place for each goodie bag. Several 'magical' clues for each child. At starting point each child gets a handwritten clue. This will take them to their next clue. Do this as many times as you wish with the final clue leading them to their magic bag.
  4. Pin the fire on the Dragon
  5. Pass around a magic wand and let the kids share three wishes each


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