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Summer party for a winter kid:
'Katie' was born in late December
among snow and freezing ice
it's too cold to have a party
it wouldn't be very nice.

So, in order to have some fun
we're having her party in the sun
so please come over and share a laugh
and help celebrate her birthday, number two and a half!
~ from Lilly


No invitation.

Birthday person decides on a time.  She and an adult go from home to home gathering friends to "come as you are"  (Can't change clothes, comb hair, take a shower, nothing - come just as they are).  (Girls like these parties better than boys, but younger boys do enjoy them too.)   We usually do it at 7:30 in the morning.

Breakfast - pancakes and bacon with chocolate milk
Lunch - Sloppy Jo's, chips and dip, soda.

Decorations not really necessary unless birthday person wants a theme to go with their party.   

Goodies bag:  - mirror - comb - sample deodorant, etc.

Games &  Activities - (depending on age of group)  - Lots of time just playing CDs and using the Karaoke is good time for all.

Most any other games can be used
~ from Patty Hedden - Il.

Make your own Angel Dreams- Take angel food cake, bake it, and put a peice in an ice cream cone cup.  Put whipped cream, m&m's, oreo's, carmel, or any kinds of toppings on it you want!

Helium= $$$  Who needs it?

Balloon Clusters
To make one cluster you will need 6 balloons and ribbon

1.  Inflate 2 balloons with air and tie them together in a knot as close
to the lip of balloon as possible.
(DO NOT INFLATE TO FULL CAPACITY) as you will need room to tie them to
each other.
****important**** Inflate balloons to be same size...

2.  Continue that until you have 3 sets of balloons.

3.  Hold the sets by the knot in the middle: one set in left hand and
another set in right hand.

4.  Place the set in right hand in between the other set and give it a
twist...It should fit snugly and not come apart.

5.  Add the last set and give it a twist to your 4 balloon cluster.

6.  Take the end of your ribbon and sort of weave it between the
clusters (no need to tie)

7.  Hang from the ceiling.

This seems complex but it really isn't.  If you have an air machine it
makes it a little easier.  Don't get intimidated by the thought of a
balloon popping...this is tried and true way of having balloons in the
air without the costly price of helium. ~ from Rohana Moore

Stone Soup party
The invitations shaped like stones and were gray
Instruct each child to bring a specified vegetable that will go into soup.
potato, carrot, celery, and onion.  

Read the Stone Soup story and place a big stone into a pot. 
Everyone then puts in their veggie....take the pot to the kitchen while
they play relay races with stones.  You can have a home made soup with the
same ingredients you made day before.  If you do, hide their contributions and put the pot on the stove to warm.

At the end of the fun, sit down to eat the stone soup (with the clean stone still in the pot
of course!) 
~from Christa Miller

Sponge Party
Cake:  Sponge cake
Sponge painting
throwing wet sponges at each other outside
~ from Christa Miller

Use a twin size white sheet as a table cloth then have the guest sign their name and date and a message to the birthday child using a   laundry marking pen after the party just wash the sheet and reuse the next year until it is full!  Will last for many years. Start this for the 1st birthday!!
~from Bill & Betty Stewart

Hire local high school cheerleaders to be the entertainment and teachers.  They come dressed in their cheerleaders uniform along with pom-poms.  The guests should be invited to come dressed in team colors.   Supply Pom-poms.  The entire party will be learning new cheers, opening gifts, eating cake.  NOTE:  no lifts are allowed during the cheers nor  flips with no hands. 
~from the Littlefields

The children giving the gifts sit around the birthday child.  One by one each child gives their gift to the birthday child.  This way, the child opens one gift at a time, they get a
picture of the child with the guest and the gift, and they can send thank you cards for the right stuff.  OR  wrap one of the bigger goodie gifts to give to each child as they give the birthday child the gift.  The goodie bag holds snacks and a toy.   This works well for younger children who have trouble with the concept of only one person getting all of the gifts.

~ from Trinese McKenzie

Mystery Cafe Party
You have to make a menu of a bunch of weird names like whale blubber and
golden rods and sailor's eyes, about 20 things. You have your geust sit at a
table and each receives a menu and circles 5 things they want then, in the
kitchen, a parent has everything on the list ready to go and serves the child
what they ordered (the parents have a list of what everything is)
~ Tweety----

Heres an idea.... take 10 lunch bags and put something different in each bag.  Pass the bags around and then have the kids write down what they think is in each bag.  Then see who has the most right and give them a prize...Brittany

Indoor party game idea
With a rented helium tank fill 50 - 75 balloons to fill a party area ceiling, tie long strings so smaller children can reach and tie shorter stings for the older children to have a challenge mark names of the older children on top of the balloons on the shorter stringed balloons and mark the names on top of the balloons of the smaller children on the ones with the longer strings so they will be able to find the balloon with their name on it by pulling the balloon down. when they find their name balloon they bring it to claim their prize, which should be a bag with each child's name on it so it may be filled with a boy / girl gift. or to extend the fun, if there are 10 children number the tops of 10 balloons when the child pulls a balloon down with a number on it they get an envelope with an ice cream cone gift certificate or a dollar bill, each child gets two prizes one gift bag with their name on it and one envelope prize with a number on it. hope this makes sense to you, i did it with a mix of older and younger children and they had a great time!



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