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Pioneer Party

Front -
Come relive the days of the Pioneers
Dress as a pioneer and join "name" for his birthday.

Location:  Our Little House on the Block/Street/City/Town, etc

birthday party in a box

Crepe paper and balloons.  Use tin plates and cups. 

Cake and Food:
Cake:  Sheet cake, decorate with a Conestoga wagon, pig and kids.  Or serve-
Shoo-Fly Pie
Serve roasted corn on the cob.  Make homemade bread or corn bread.  Have the kids make homemade butter by rolling and shaking a jar of cream.  Have them make their own ice cream. Serve jerky, fresh berries and nuts.

Goodie Bags:
Brown bags, fill with old fashioned games:   Jacks, marbles, mouth harp, jump rope.  Candy sticks, lemon drops and other candies that have been around for a long time.

Games and Activities:
Wagon Pull: get together wagons or something the kids could pull...maybe even sleds. Form teams. One person gets on the sled and the other must pull to the finish line.

Hog Calling: Who can do the best "hog" call...give a stuffed pig as a prize.

Leather Craft: Find a simple leather craft the kids can do, even if it's only stitching together a 'wallet'

For older kids, let them try their hand at firemaking with flint and steel:
Need steel, flint, charred cotton cloth and shredded cedar bark. make charred cloth (cotton only) by cutting into small squares (1x1") Place in a metal container with a puncture hole in the top (a small metal mint tin works good) place in the oven and 'cook' till black. To start fire, hold a piece of the cloth below the flint. Strike the steel onto the flint and get it to spark. After a while a spark should light the cloth (it will not flame). Immediately place the sparked cloth into a small amount of shredded cedar. Blow lightly onto the spark and try to get the cedar to ignite. (this could also be done in small tins)

Candle dipping

Square dance & Virginia Reel: Boys might find this a bit yucky but you could play the music or use it as a basis for something like musical 'chairs'

Write with quill pens. Just purchase or find larger feathers. Cut the quill end...bottom edge off and slit the top slightly.

Egg Toss

Sack races

Spread out straw over a tarp and hide candies and toys inside.   Let the kids find the items.  The tarp makes it easier to clean up.

Old games:
Snap Apple - hang an apple from a string and have them try to bite it as it swings.

Marbles - Ring Game (I remember my Grandma teaching me this game) Give all the kids their own bag of marbles.

Shepherd and Wolf (has MANY names but even my 11 year old still likes this game). One player is the wolf, one the Shepherd and the others sheep. The sheep stand at one end, the shepherd at the other, the wolf in the middle. The shepherd calls the sheep by name 2-3 at a time and they must try to reach the 'fold' or the shepherd before the wolf nabs them. If the wolf tags them they go to the wolfs den. The shepherd can rescue captured sheep by tagging them in the wolfs den when the wolf is not around. The wolf can do the same in the 'fold'

Corn Cob Darts: Have the kids save their corn cobs. Clean off all the kernels. Break off one end of the cob. Stick in the quill end of a feather into this soft area. The kids can then have contest to see who can throw theirs the farthest or make a circle on the ground. See who can hit the center.

Lots of others could also be used.

Paper Game - Things our Ancestors missed
list is on another page for printing.



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