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Winnie- the-Pooh Party

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Join Pooh and me for a party!
Where:  100 acre woods located at 'address'

Beehive cake made in a glass bowl (like pampered chef type).
Or picture of Pooh on a sheet cake with his honey pot and bees after him.

Teddy Grahams, gummy bears for older kids, Rabbit's Garden Grub -
veggies and dip peanut butter and jelly (honey for older kids) cut into honey pot shapes.

Red & Yellow balloons, pictures of Pooh and the gang from 100 acre woods, honey pots.

Available from
Birthday in a Box

Pooh's 1st Birthday Party Supplies
Pooh's 1st Birthday

Goodie Bags:
Use brown paper lunch bags, write HUNNY on the front then roll down the top edges.   Add Pooh and gang trinkets.  Gummy bears.

Games and activities:

Pin the tail on Eeyore or the honey pot on Pooh Bear

Bees in the honey pot: 
Toss or drop clothes pins into a bucket or jar (depending on age/skill level)  Paint the clothes pins black and yellow to look like bees.

Tiggers 100 acre woods race: 
Have the kids, on 'go', bounce like tigger to then finish line. (could use sacks)

Pooh sticks
In a wading pool.  Float hand made paper boats and let the kids blow them to then finish line.

Honey pot and Heffalump search
Use the kids Honey pot goodie bags or make additional one and paper cut outs of Heffalumps.  Have the kids go on a search to find their honey pot and round up the heffalumps....don't want the heffalumps to get those bags.

Honey pot treasures
Make honey pots and put in lollies and hide them in hundred aces wood.

Musical animals
Played the same as musical chairs but the person that doesn't get a chair has to draw a name of an animal out of the hat and act it out till they guess it.

Guess the bees in the honey pot:
Fill up a jar with yellow and black jelly beans, and the kids have to guess how many bee's are in the honey pot. You also write HUNNY on the jar, the winner gets to keep the jelly beans
Thanks to The Joey's for some of these ideas!



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