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Princess or
Fairy Princess Party

Princess party.JPG (11332 bytes) Party supplies available from
Birthday in a Box
Birthday in a Box
Princess & the Frog
Use castle and fantasy graphics

You are invited to the Kingdom of Princess "name"
to celebrate a royal birthday.
Castle Location:
RSVP to the Royal Party Planner:
hand write the invitations in calligraphy .  Roll them like a scroll and tie with pretty pink ribbon. Ask the guests  to wear their "ball gowns and jewels" to the Birthday Ball. 

Scroll invitations: Tea dye paper to make it look old.  Done very simply by letting regular computer paper sit in dark tea water (about 8 cups, cooled) for maybe 10 minutes a piece. Dry it on a string hung outside.  After they dry you have to flatten them again by putting them under a heavy book or two. Printed the text from computer right on to each page.
Birthday in a Box
Princess Amira

Birthday in a Box
Fairy Tale Princess

Decorate with pink and white balloons, purple streamers, etc. Make large tissue paper flowers  by fan-fold large sheets of tissue paper, put a twist tie in the center and separate the sheets to make petals, then attach to a dowel for the stem, sprinkle with glitter.  Make enough so each girl will be able to take one home.  Use paper doilies on top of paper plates.  Star confetti sprinkled around. See the Magical Kingdom Party for more decorating ideas.

Cake and Food:
Unicorn Cake; White cake with Pink roses and Purple bows; Castle Cake

Princess Cake:  use a 2 quart batter bowl from Pampered Chef to bake cake in.  Turn upside down, add Princess Barbie by sticking her in.  Frost cake to look like gown.

Goodie Bags:
Use lunch bags tied off with star garland.  Add small nail polish, ring suckers, stick on earrings, plastic jewelry, stickers, etc

Games and Activities:
Paint a Take-Home Treasure:
Making or purchase plaster-of-paris figures of ballet slippers, butterflies, etc. (girl items) for the girls to paint and take home as a party favor.   Plan this as the first activity so they can dry before the girls leave for home.

Princess Pea Guessing Game:
We have a jar decorated with lace and ribbons (hot-glued on) filled with dried peas. ( You know the story of the pea under the mattress to seek out the true princess). The girls will each guess how many peas they think are in the jar, and the winner gets a small prize.

Pin the Tail on the Unicorn:
Draw or find a Unicorn poster and play pin the tail.

Pin the lips on the frog prince:
Search for pictures of a frog prince online and size it in paint.  Printed it out, cut it out and attached it to a piece of cardboard (you can either cut around it, or decorate the remaining space with some glitter, etc.. )
Make enough kissy lips for each player and attached them to index cards and cut around them.  Use scotch tape or little pieces of Velcro to stick them to the frog.

Find the King's Treasure Chest:
Make clues on the computer, each one rolled and 'sealed' with a sticker and ribbon. Each clue leads to the next until they finally find the 'Treasure Chest', which could be a laundry detergent box, covered with gold foil tissue paper and stickers, etc.
Inside the treasure chest fill with party bags made using pink tulle (net).    Cut large squares of the net and gathered up over candy, etc in the center, then tie them with ribbons and put those little ribbon roses on them.

Make Star Wands:
Cut star shapes from thin wood or poster board.  Glue to a length of dowel and spray-paint gold.  The girls can decorate their own wand with glitter-glue, stickers and foil confetti.

Princess wand & hat.JPG (11752 bytes)

Make Princess Hats:
Buy or make cone hats.  To make, take poster board and shape into a cone, staple.   Add streamers at the top.  Let the girls decorate them with glitter, stickers and confetti like the hats.

Jewelry making:
Purchase "pony beads" and chenille sticks (pipe cleaners).  The girls will string the beads on the chenille sticks to make bracelets.  This activity is great for younger girls.  For older girls use satin ribbon and beads.



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