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Restoraunte' Party

Use "Formal" Dinner invitations.  They should state that  the dinner is being given "In Honor of -name-", birth and date.   Request formal attire.

birthday party in a box

Decorations and Setting Up:
Make on the computer and place in clear report cover.  Make one for each child.
Name your restaurant. 
This idea uses Italian as a suggestion. 
Course selections-
list several to choose from.  Make very fancy. 

  Hour devours
 Assorted Green Vegetation with Dressing (salad)
     Milk Curds with Fruit (cottage cheese and peaches)
     Melted Milk Curds on Flat Bread (cheesecrisp)

Main Course
     Peanut Butter and Jelly Supreme (just in case)

Sparkling Grape Juice
     Your child's favorite
Set up the table: 
Table cloth, mints, candle(s), Real glasses and plates
Staff (or your those that will help you)

     Coat Checker
     Bus People
Serve the Dinner as it would at a real restaurant.  Place the napkins in the children's laps, take their orders, turn them in to the cook, etc.

Goodies To Take Home:
After Dinner Mint

Other Activities:
Piñata or other kid style party games




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