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Robin Hood Party
Renaissance Party

Using a parchment type paper make a “Wanted poster” or CONTEST poster for archery event, roll up like scroll.  These can be mailed in tubes.
Address these to the "Sir" or "Lady" that will be invited.
Invite the kids to come in costume unless you want to make a hat and smock as suggested below.
Birthday in a Box
Shield & sword

Make these rustic, using metal and wood it possible.  Brown or green table cloth, gold/yellow napkins, silver (metal) plates, silver colored paper cups.
Make the setting outside if possible.  
Banners - Make these from poster board.  Make up a crest.

Cake & Food: 
Sheet cake with small toy figures and horses in Sherwood Forest with king’s loot in a chest.  Gold coins or candies sprinkled around.

Foods: Instead of turkey legs, serve chicken legs, apple juice, mini loaves of bread, fruit.

Toy bow an arrow, chocolate "gold coins," 
make simple hats out of felt with a feather sewn in and green smocks for each child.  Optional  make up:  mustaches/beards

Games & Activities:
Decorate swords you've cut out of cardboard or tag board.

Make felt pouches for "loot."  Pre-sew an easy pouch, punch holes around the top edge.  Give the felt shapes to glue onto their pouch, let them choose a ribbon to string through the top so it can be cinched closed.

Set up a table for a Gypsy to read into her "crystal" ball.
This can be a lightning ball.  A glass fishing float works great on top of a lava lamp base.  Cover the base with a light colored tissue paper.

Archery: Set up a target and use Nerf, suction cup arrows or Velcro type unless kids are much older.  For skilled players use a bull's-eye target that the arrows can stick to.  For younger players try a box or area they can get the arrow to land at.

Skill game: Two teams
Use a board or low balance beam.  Preparation: Take women's nylons and cut off the legs.  Fill the toe with flour and tie off close to the flour.  Make several of these.

Jousting: Two kids each take one flour filled leg.  Holding it at the end and standing at one end of the beam.  The object is to swing it at the other kid, hitting them below the head (this does not hurt)
They do this until one fall off.  
Rules:  Start on "Go;"  If a kid falls off in the first 20 seconds they get another try; NO hitting above the shoulders;
 the hose must be held close to the end, not near the flour; No grabbing your opponents hose, these do get tangled though and they would stop and untangle quickly;  It was very funny to watch the kids, the flour does come out and splat on you.

Tagged by Sheriff Of Nottingham- 
Stand Robin Hood and him men (all the kids) against a wall or area except one who is chosen to be the Sheriff. A signal is given and players must change ends, with the Sheriff trying to tag as many as possible. Those tagged become a solider working for the Sheriff and as such may help the Sheriff with his hunting but only the Sheriff can do the tagging. The soldiers can catch and hang on to Robin & his men until the Sheriff can tag him. Only one solider to hold one man at a time.

Steal the Taxes:
Need small bags of collected taxes. (these can be nothing or filled with goodies for each child)
Blindfolded one child.  They become the sleeping Sheriff of Nottingham and sits on a chair in the middle of the room with "taxes" which he is defending, at his feet. The other kids Robin and his men, line up at one end of the room. On signal, "GO", they must stalk in an attempt to pick up the taxes without being caught. The sleeping Sheriff catches those who have made noise by pointing at them. A child pointed to must retire and start from beginning. Two try's for each player. Only one sack of taxes can be captured at a time.
Variations:  Form teams...the team with the most taxes collected wins.

Tax Collecting:
Two teams - The Sheriffs soldiers and the other Robin Hood and his men.
Have hidden lots of coins.  The Sheriff (an adult) tells the kids that they must collect his taxes.  Robin Hood's team try's to find them before the Soldiers do.  The team with the most "taxes" collected wins.

Tug of war:  Merry Men (kids) vs. Prince John/or Sheriff (Dad or other parental supervisor)   




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