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Shapes Party for Toddlers

Maybe a triangle shape. 

The invites can be any shape you want, one idea is to let your child decide.   SHAPE up and ship in for an all aROUND good time at __________'s party. So don't be SQUARE, hope to see you there.

birthday party in a box

Bright primary colors all shapes but use primarily: squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles.  Round plates, square napkins in contrasting colors.  Blocks (bright colored if you have them) for decorations on the table.   Large shape cut outs in bright colors around the room.

Square or rectangular with circles around the edge (something like Nesco wafers or cookies).

Purchase a frozen pound cake and cut into a "square."  Ice to look like a block for the b-day child...then he can eat or destroy it

Food: anything round, square/rectangular and triangular.  

Goodie Bags:
Use small bright colored boxes, put in bubbles, balls, other toddler geared toys with basic shapes.

Games and activities:
Square shapes:
Cover boxes of all different sizes with bight paper. Let the kids build with them.

Balloon bop to music.

Balloon relay: pile of balloons and let each child bop one to finish, one at a time (no winners)

Bubble race: blow bubbles and let each kid fan or blow a bubble to finish line. (make a fan with a paper plate)
For additional fun, let the kids dip fly swatters into bubble mix and make lots of bubbles.

Triangle crafts:
Make a picture frame. Use cardboard or posterboard and cut out pieces large enough for a picture frame to hold a snapshot.  Cover with colored construction paper, glue into place. Cut out center for picture.
Cut out all kinds of shapes (use construction paper or craft foam), lots of triangles.
The kids can decorate their own frames using a glue stick.
(Now, if you have a Polaroid, you can take pictures of the kids, glue them to the back and attach a magnet to each one with a glue gun.)

All Shapes:
Make lots of shapes from poster board in different colors, hide them and let the kids find them.

Craft:  take plain brown paper bags you can get these from the dollar store something like 50 for $1.00. Then buy a large pack of sponges also very inexpensive, I think 12 for a dollar. Also pick up some finger paints, Take the sponges and cut them into shapes, then take the garbage ties and push them through the sponges and tie off on the other side, these will serve as your handles. Set the primary colored paints around and hand out the bags. These bags will be their goodie bags as well as a fun project. A few ideas for goodies would be playdough, paint brushes, paints, crayons and coloring books. idea and invite by Ginger Pierce a.k.a. Danielle's mommy




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