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Invitation:  Make card to look like a sleeping bag and insert a picture of your daughter.

Graphics on front, Window sill over looking the moon and stars.
Come to "name" slumber party
This special occasion in be: day and time
They may be picked up:
They will need:

Party supplies available from
Birthday in a Box

Sleepover Party Supplies
Sleep Over

Slumber Party Tips:

*Ask people to set up their sleeping bags as soon as they get to your house.
*Announce that no one can sleep on sofas or beds. It causes fighting sometimes.
*Stay outside until it gets dark and get as much fresh air as you can before you're crammed in a room with a bunch of other people for the whole night.
*Play outdoor games or organize a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood before dinner.  
*Rent a movie and make lots of popcorn beforehand. *Set up a "concession   stand" in the room where you're watching the movie and give every guest a plate to load up with popcorn, candy, and other treats.
*Avoid Truth or Dare, especially when some of the guests are very hyper.  Truth can make people embarrassed about the questions being asked, and Dare can get out of hand.
*If you have a younger sister or brother who might try to bug your guests or  wreck your party, ask your mom or dad if they can find something special for your siblings to do during your party. Maybe they can go on a camping trip with one of your parents, or to dinner and a movie. Your brother or sister might want to have a friend spend the night so they don't feel so left out. Just make sure that it's not a friend who would want to bug you and your guests, too!
*Set out a few board games so the ones who don't fall asleep right away can quietly keep themselves busy.
*Get something special for breakfast or easy.
  Donuts, bagels & cream cheese, fruit with whip cream and dip, individual juices.

Things You Will Need For the Party:
Food and snacks
*buy snacks such as: pretzels, chips, cheese curls, etc.

*get soda, maybe ice tea mix..lemonade...


  1. Scavenger hunts
  2. Let's Make a Deal:
    You will need three boxes. Prizes of varying quality-really cool, ok and a booby prize. Each child has a chance to play so make sure you have enough "really cool" prizes to go around. Place one prize of each type under the boxes without anyone seeing. The contestant chooses a box and the prize is revealed. The contestant can then keep that prize or be given the choice to choose another. Offer incentives, like other prizes-candy, money etc. to see if they will keep the first chosen. They may keep either the first prize and incentives or choose the other box. This is their final choice.
  3. Mummy:
    Need rolls of toilet paper, one per person. You can form teams to see who is the fastest dressing their mummy (other person) or just let them have fun. This can be very messy with the dust from the toilet paper and the paper fight afterwards.
  4. Picky Marshmallow Relay:
    Need toothpicks, one per child and one marshmallow per team. The marshmallow is placed on the end of the first persons toothpick. They hold the toothpick in their mouth and try to pass it to the next person in line using only the toothpicks in their mouths.
  5. Clothes Pin 7-Ups:
    7 clothes pins per person. Clip clothes pins on the backs of all players and have them face each other in a circle (outside). At the mention of "GO" they each run around trying to get the clothes pins off each others backs. No grabbing and holding on to the other persons.
  6. Talent Show or Video the kids performing to music. Lip sync is fun or air guitar/sax etc.
  7. Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt:  Hide eggs and prizes outside.  Everyone brings a flashlight to the party.  Hide items like fingernail polish, body mists, not just candy.
  8. Piggly-Wiggly:  Everyone lays out their sleeping bags.   Choose someone to be "it."  They must leave the room.  Everyone else hides inside the sleeping bags (not their own).  When they are ready, "it" comes back in.  She sits on one of the sleeping bags and says, "Piggly-Wiggly"  the person inside says "oink, oink."  'It' must guess who is inside the bag.  If they are right, the person in the bag is it.
  9. Rock and Roll:  When your having a slumber party and going to a roller-skating rink is out of the question, make a skating rink in the garage. Have your parents back out their cars and take out other stuff in the way so you have room to skate. You can also have music and a snack bar!
  10. Sweet dreams- Use frosting to decorate a graham cracker so it looks like your sleeping bag with you in it!
  11. Hip hats- Decorate denim hats with jewels and sparkle puff paints and wear them around the next day.
  12. Puffy pillows- Decorate plain white pillowcases with puffy paint. Let them dry overnight.
  13. Popcorn Toppin'-Pop some plain popcorn. Give everybody a couple of dishes with popcorn in them. Have your guests put on all the toppings you want.
    *cinnamon and sugar
    *melted butter, pizza seasoning, and parmesan cheese to make a pizza kind o'popcorn.
  14. Curly-Cute- Make rag curls in your friends' hair. Take pieces of fabric and wrap hair around them. When you wake up you hair will be all curly.
  15. We Had A Ball- At the end of the slumber party, sit in a circle and sign beach balls with a waterproof marker. Write all about the good times you had together at the sleepover.
  16. Brush up- Have guests try all sorts of toothpaste and vote on which one they like best.
  17. Get out CD's and tapes, for people to listen too
  18. Pick out some movies
  19. Play some sleepover games such as: red rover,  piggly-wiggly,   rugrats(not the show),  poker ( with candy!),  and maybe some board games
  20. Buy tee-shirt paint and have your guests bring tee-shirts and paint them so you can wear them the next morning!
  21. Have a pajamas contest!  See who has the best pajamas!
  22. Pillow fights (a little rough, though)
  23. Make smores!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Serve whipped cream and fruit on waffles in the morning
  25. See if you can borrow a kareoke machine so you can sing along to music
  26. Do makeovers!
  27. Make rice krispie treats
  28. Make your own sundae!
  29. Popcorn fights, if you have a vacuum handy
  30. Think of unusual places to sleep: the attic, a tree house, a tent outside in your back yard
  31. Use sidewalk chalk so your friends can draw stuff
  32. Burglar Alarm-set a little timer and have everyone go out of the room. One person stays in and hides the timer. Then the other children come back in and try to find the timer before it goes off. Whoever finds it might get some kind of prize.
  33. Set up a craft table to make bracelets.
  34. Decorate pillowcases with fabric markers...this way they can use them that night.  Put on date, etc
  35. For breakfast, serve muffins and donuts, fruit and dip (cool whip works great!) Serve Orange juice or apple juice in plastic champagne glasses.~ Holly & Hannah
  36. Light-as-a-feather, Stiff-as-a-board. This is one of the funniest games to play and goes in this way:
    6 people play. They pick a "center" to lay on the floor face up and each of the other 5 gather around them.
    Two people take mid-calf, one on each side, Two people take mid back/chest, one on each side, and one person sits behind the head. Each person extends the first two fingers on each hand and slips them underneath the center. All close their eyes. They start to chant "Light as a feather, Stiff as a board. Light as a feather, Stiff as a board. Light as a feather, Stiff as a board" over and over while trying to lift the center person, without losing their concentration. Usually this works! *grins* But don't distract the center or else the balance will be lost and they may get dropped.
  37. Shaving cream fight out side.
  38. Invite a bunch of friends over and have a list made up of different company slogans around your town, put them in a different order on each sheet so your not all at the same stop. Split your friends into groups and give one list to each group, then have them go around town find in the places that match the slogans and have each group take a picture at each stop. additional extras: Sometimes after doing the stops try a chinese firedrill, like stop at a rest stop and run around the car three times.
  39. Concentrate:
    Concentrate is a fun game that little kids can play. Fun-fun-fun! A little kid "in the know" conducts the mystery with their little slumber-party group one at a time. Usually they go into some dark place, just the two of them, to complete the realism. The child "in the know" stands behind the other child (who is told to close their eyes), holding their arms midway between the shoulder and the elbow and start to chant in monotone: "Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate on what I'm saying. Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate on what I'm saying..." Moving back and forth behind the head to give an eerie moving sound quality Then they immediately start into the little story. The favorite is this one: 

    "You're on the 21st floor of a building. You want to jump. You look over the edge...."

    At which point, the child telling the story tips the other forward, in a semblance of looking down

    "But you get scared..."

    The story-teller brings the other child back to standing straight.

    "But then you think 'well maybe...'"

    Story-telling child tips the other far forward...and then gives the unwitting victim a slight push, just enough to make them take ONE step forward to rebalance themselves. Gives the kid an impossibly easy (and safe) ghost-story-like spooking out.

MORE IDEAS for younger kids:

On the invitation tell each guest to bring PJs, slippers, stuffed animal, sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, comb and that they get a prize for bringing it all.

Prepare slips of paper that say:
1. lay your sleeping bag flat, in front of the TV
2. put your pillow on the top of the sleeping bag
3. put your stuffed animal on your sleeping bag
4. put on your PJs and slippers
5. brush your teeth
6. brush your hair
7. lay inside sleeping bag

The youngsters have to find the slip of paper that has a 1. on it and do what it says, then run back to the person holding the slips and find the no 2. slip....etc....  the slips can be in individual envelopes with each child's name on it so they can know which is which when they are all done, they will all be ready for quiet time......

The prize for this, as each one finishes, is a bag filled with a couple pieces of candy, a drink box, a pen or pencil and a small address book.  They can exchange numbers with all their friends and have a place to put it, plus when they get thirsty- you've already provided their drink.



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