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Sock Hop

Make from construction paper cut into the shape of feet. 
Ask all to wear their craziest socks!

For large events, ask those who attend to bring a new pair of socks that will be donated to a charity.

For decorations, use cardboard records or old 45's hanging around.  Crepe paper, balloons, music notes and movie posters.  Set up a "ice cream bar" or tables. 

Rock Star Party Supplies
Rock Star

Cake and Food:
Cut a sheet cake into a socked foot shape and decorate.  Or Decorate a sheet cake with music symbols, mini records and

Activities and Games:    
FEET SIZING: When everyone gets there,  trace their feet on a piece of
butcher paper. Judge whom has the widest, skinniest, shortest and
longest feet.

TWISTER:  Get them in groups of 4 and who ever wins from each group stands aside and at the end of that game they play against each other. 

MARBLES:  Teams of 3 or 4   Kids have to pick up the
marbles with their toes.  Time them and see who can go the fastest. 

PANTY HOSE: Everyone gets a pair of gloves (garden, rubber, etc...) and a pair of panty hose.   T hey then have to put them on over top of their shorts or pants and socks. Get a boy line and a girl line.  Time them.

CRAZY FEET: Everyone gets a piece of paper and can vote for 1 person whom they think has the Wackiest, Cutest, and Most Original Socks .   Gather all the votes.

For prizes, award decorated cut out of a socked foot.

For more game ideas see the Grease Party page.




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