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Space Party - MIB (Men in Black)
Star Trek - Alien - Star Wars
Celebrate "name" Space Odyssey Birthday
MIB Your Presence is Requested
For a birthday party!
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Colors-Green, silver and black.  Balloons and streamers. 
Flying space ships:  use 2 aluminum pie plates, one inverted on top of the other.   Before sealing together pass a thread or fishing line though the bottom of one and tie or tape.  Suspend from ceiling at different heights.

Planets:  Tape blown balloons to ceiling with ribbon hanging down.  Tape on  paper planets at different heights.

Space Party Supplies
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Birthday in a Box

Star Wars Party Supplies
Star Wars partyware

Outer Space Party Supplies
Outer Space

Bake cake in an oven proof bowl.  Invert cake and frost with gray frosting.  Decorate to make it look like a space ship...use candies, frosting and other embellishments.  Sparkler candles make a great enhancement!

Goodie Bags:
Fill with geodes, glow in the dark stars, alien items, astronaut ice cream, MIB or Star Trek items and space pops.   Have for each kid an ID badge with their Agent Letter  on the front put their fingerprint on the inside.  Provide stats also on the inside "home planet, sector, special skills"  Fill bags with tinsel for effect.

Games and Activities:
Alien World
Fill up a room with blown up balloons (like a ball pit).  Let the kids play in this (not for toddlers).

Robot Arm
Need:  Teams of two.  One is the Operator and the other the robot.  Bandana or something to cover the robots eyes.  One or more items to retrieve.  Timer
Set the objects in different areas at waist level.  Let the robot see at this point.   From a starting point, cover the robots eyes.  Make sure they cannot see, could even cover their whole head with a brown paper bag-over the bandana.
At "GO" the operator must give the robot commands from a stationary position.   i.e.:  forward, left, right, arm out, down, pick-up etc.   These commands should get the robot to the item(s).   The operator must then give commands to have the robot return.  Time each team.  The winning team is the one with the lowest time.
FOR YOUNGER PLAYERS:  Have the robot sit and use only an arm. Cover their eyes and place the objects around them.  The operator then gives the commands for the robots arm.

Phone Home:
Give them a mission to build a radio tower
Need:  Blocks or other materials that can be stacked.  Could also be an assortment of items.
Teams of two or more
On "Go" let the teams begin building for a set period of time.  The team with the highest tower built with out tumbling wins.  The towers must be free-standing.

Alien Planet Exploration:
Hide different objects or space rocks (rocks wrapped in foil) in a set aside area.   Other items that could be hidden are:  Plastic Easter eggs with items inside, unusual plastic animals or alien figures, and candies.  If you set up the balloon pit/room...hide them in that.

Make Aliens:
Need:  Toilet paper tubes, yarn, eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper,  glue, tape, etc.
Let the kids use their own creativity to create alien beings.

Make spaceships:
Use overturned paper plate and and overturned paper bowl glued on the top (colored plates work great).  Let the kids decorate with glue, construction paper, glitter,
pipe cleaners, crayons and pens. Give prizes for the most alien and imaginative.

Have some old CD's laying around?  Turn these into space hovercrafts:
You'll need CD's; party balloons with plastic to blow into.  Super glue the end of the balloon into the CD hole.  Let the kids decorate their hovercrafts with  lightweight decorations.  Shiny foil fringe works well.  After they are dry, race them by blowing up the balloons.  place them on a solid floor and race them.

Space Race
Let the kids fly their new craft.  Give a prize to the one that fly's the farthest.

Pin the Planet on the Solar System
or Alien Space Invasion with small spaceship shapes.  The object is to land on earth or closest one wins-all done blindfolded of

Hot "alien" (similar to hot potato)

Milky Way Mash:
The kids all sit in chairs in a
circle and are given one of 3 planet names. One child stands in the center of the ring and calls out one of the planet names, all the kids with that planet then have to scramble to another seat and the person in the middle tries to get one of the vacated chairs. If the kid in the middle wants to really make things fun....S/he shouts Milky Way and ALL the kids have to scramble to a new chair.

Alien BINGO:
ALIEN across the top.  Can use a dry erase board to write down the numbers as they are called. Can be a challenge for the Bingo caller.

MIB Relay:
Relay race to see which team can dress in MIB clothes the fastest.    Use 2 black suits, old shoes, white shirts, and ties from thrift stores.   Have each child race to the pile of clothes, put them on (over their own) put on sunglasses and have their picture taken (for ID badge) then raced to the next person in line.

Play a game of squirt gun tag.  Divide the kids into 2 groups- aliens and agents (agents wore their sunglasses).  If an alien was squirted he was out. After all aliens were "captured," switch roles.

Give each agent a clue- written in alien code. Using a key, have them decoded the clue to find the hiding place of an alien ( a plastic toy hidden in the backyard).

Musical meteors/meteorites-- make shapes out of poster
board and nailed into grass (minus one the amount of kids) played music and when music stops must be on a meteorite shape!

Mission to the space station
Recruit older kids as "Captain" and "Commander," with the
partygoers as "Ensign."  The birthday boy, will be the "Cadet."   His promotion is part of the activity.

Space Suits:  Give each a paper bag, slit up the back with head and
arm holes cut out.  They decorated their "space suits." 

Space training:  "Captain May I?," Trying to take a bite from doughnuts tied with yarn to a tree, Smashing a rocket piñata.

Space mission:  Inside if you have stairs.   Line up at the stairs.  One at a time, allow to run up the stairs to "blast off."  A helper upstairs meets them with a glow in the dark stick .   Now the astronauts can "space walk" with their glow stick in a room lit only by a blue light bulb. 

Space station:  Where you have the cake, "space sludge" to drink (an ice cream soda), promote the birthday boy to ensign, and play

"I'm going to space and I'm taking..."

Splash Down:  Run down the stairs and take one bounce on
a mini trampoline.

Awards ceremony: Each receive a handshake and a souvenir medal.  

Jar Jar says

Find Princess Leah

Search for Darth Mauls treasures 




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