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A Charming Summer Slumber
Stage Star

Come to a 'Charming' Summer Slumber

Birthday Girls Favorite Colors
Balloons, Streamers

Party supplies available from
Birthday in a Box

Sleep Over

Rock Star

decorated to look like a stage.  Use stickers and boxboard to create the singers and plain licorice allsorts to make the speakers and amps. 

The girls will make these to take home.
Sequined wrap skirt for each girl

Games and Activities:
Upon arrival each girl gets her own "Charming Container," a film canister with a computer-generated label decorated with pictures or stickers and the girl's name.

Throughout the slumber party the girls will play games (see Slumber Party Ideas  page for game ideas) and the winners will receive charms for their Charm Container. And too, if you catch a girl doing something nice or thoughtful, she earns one gold bead.

Craft time:  Each girl will get her own cut of shrinky-dink paper (clean Styrofoam meat trays also work) which they can decorate themselves.  Punch holes and bake them in the oven and begin to make charm necklaces, bracelets, or anklets.  Use markers to color designs then cut out.

Each girl will also earn the letters for her own name to go on her charm jewelry.

Lip sync concert by the girls.  Have them wear their sequin skirts and their new charm jewelry. 

Another idea is to invite the girls to come dressed as their favorite singer.   Have the girls make a music video. ~Colleen

A Special thanks to Nora Dixon for this party idea




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