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Spy Kids Party

Brown envelope with Top Secret in big letters.
Inside in mirror image message list the party information and the mission:

Parents captured, turned into fooglies-find and return safely.
Last message from parents FLOOP!

in a box
spy party invite

Spy belts: Cut long strips of black corduroy material about an inch or two wide.  Sew a tiny pocket in the front to hold the shock gumball. 
Cut 2 holes semi close together then tie a knot leaving two long strings to hold the bubbles so there are two sets on one side (More if you want to add spray string etc.)  Add two small loops on the other side for holding the spy glasses (sun glasses) and paper airplane.

Spy wallet:  Cut a strip of card board from a food container box the size of a wallet.  Using black corduroy material, hot glue it on to cover the box. Inside glue a badge made from a file folder and foil.  Write OSS then a shield with S.K. in the middle.  Under the shield write Detective agency. On the other side of the wallet glue a picture of the child and write Spy Kid and the child's name under that with the date.

Spy watch will have a message from the OSS in it directing them to their mission

Activity -
Kids take turns being the Spy Kids while the others are the Thumb Thumbs & robot kids.
Have 2 Spy Kids get ready with their belts & gadgets while the other kids are hiding in their places.  Send them on their mission to Floops castle

Set up an obstacle course for the two Spy Kids to go through -
Ideas: tunnel, climb short wall, zig zag though chairs, climb rope, etc
Thumb Thumbs should be stationed in one area at this point the Spy Kids chew their gun and "spit it" at them (not directly) and the Thumb Thumbs fall down.
Zig zag through chairs and place a dot sticker on each.
Fight off the robot kids on their way to the dungeon.  The Robot kids have a clothes pin on their shoulder or back that the spy kids must grab to slow them down.

Before reaching the dungeon, the robot kids come after them again. The spy kids say instant cement! and spray them with spray string or use toilet paper and wrap them mummy style.

The spy kids reach the dungeon and cut the jail bars with the acid crayon (A large crayon and streamers for the bars) Then the spy kids grab the two stuffed toys and do the course in reverse.  This time using the bubbles to shock the bad guys and the paper air planes as weapons. (Again in the direction of the bad guys, not at them.  The idea is to have fun, not to hurt anyone). 

The spy kids and bad guys reverse rolls and continue till everyone gets a turn.

Watch Spy Kids movie

Norma Harvey , Safford Arizona

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