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Teddy Bears!  Have everyone bring theirs.
Use a rubber stamp with teddy bears.

You could also use bear printed computer paper from any office store along with the envelopes.

For thank you notes or invitations:  use bear shaped gift tags and a pink
ribbon for a bow at the top of the head for a girl or a blue ribbon at the
neck for a boy.

birthday party in a box

Birthday in a Box
Spa Bear

What else, Teddy Bears and your child's favorite colors.  Paw prints made from poster board leading to the door.

Teddy Shaped cake or draw a bear on with frosting.  You can also purchase cake top candies that are bear shaped.  Serve Gummy Bears, Dizzy Grizzlies, and other bear shaped foods.
Teddy shaped - Two round cake pan and cupcakes for legs, arms, nose and ears.  Frost and embellish face and body.

pbj sandwiches cut into teddy bear shaped finger
sandwiches (side note...cut bread with cookie cutter and then add filling or get misshaped ugly blob), Kool-Aid wildberry tea, teddy bear shaped Jell-O jigglers and finger fruits (grapes, cantaloupe).

Goodie Bags:
Pencils with bears on them, memo pads with bear designs and bear trail mix (2 kinds of teddy grahams, honeycomb cereal and yogurt covered raisins).

Games & Activities

Teddy Relay:
Make Teams
Each team gets a teddy bear. 
They must crawl with the bear on their back through an obstacle course and back to their teammates.  If the teddy falls off, they must stop and put it back on.  This continues until one team finishes first and wins.

Animal Toss:
Teams of 2 each
1 Towel per team
5 stuffed animals per team
1 box or laundry basket per team
Have each player take the end corners of the towel.  Place the animal in the center.   Have boxes 4 feet from the teams.  They need to try to flip the animal into the box/basket with the towel.

Bear Hunt:
Hide all the bears (this can be inside or outside).  Let the kids find them, one with the most wins.  If you do this at night, hide them in the open and give each child a flashlight.  Let them find them in the dark.

Variation on the bear hunt. 
Have all of the children place their teddy bears in a paper grocery bag.  Mix up the bags and arrange them in a semi-circle ( in the back
yard) with about 12 feet of space in between each bag.  At "go", the
children run to a bag to find their own teddy bears.  Here's the twist -- if they do not find their own bears on the first try, they may throw the bear they find as far as they can in any direction (but leave the bag standing).  The first child to retrieve his own teddy bear and get back to "home" is the winner.

Bean Bag Toss: 
Enlarge a teddy bear picture so that it will
fit on a large 20x26 foam poster board and cut about 5 holes to use as a bean bag toss game.  (enlargements can be done at Kinko's, Office Depot, etc)

Stick the Heart on the Teddy: 
Use another enlargement or draw another picture of a teddy bear, get some heart stickers and play 'Stick the Heart on the Teddy Bear'.

Teddy Bear-Teddy Bear:
Sing the rhyme 'Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear', ideal for children ages 2 and up. Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground.   Teddy bear, teddy bear, climb the stairs.  Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers.   This rhyme can be altered with turn around, touch the ground, touch your nose, touch your toes etc.     Either get the children to do the actions or get them to make their bears do the actions

Musical Teddy Bears:
Whereby you have one less teddy bear and everyone grabs a teddy bear when the music stops.  This was not a good game for the very young kids,
they can get mad when someone else takes their bear!  Maybe to solve this, have beanie clone bears, enough for all the kids.  When one is out, they get the bear that is pulled out of the game. 


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