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Surprise for the birthday guests:
Birthday person's parent goes to each house to pick up the guest and places a black cloth around their eyes and led to the vehicle.
From there the parent drives to a planned party area such as a camp, etc.  While blindfolded they are asked to act like a chicken, moo like a cow and other things...Use your imagination.  This should be videotaped.

If camping is planned, the tents and food should all be set up.
Next day go went back to the birthday person's house and watched the home movie of all of the events...How embarrassing!!!
-from Crystal

Girl Friend Party:
(a special day for your friends' birthday day)

Blindfolded her and take her to get her haircut pay for that.   Next pick up some videos and put the blindfold on her again.  When you get to your destination (a made up salon in your house or a friends) take off the blindfold.   Decorate the area like a salon...you will need to make signs, get streamers, and put accessories (make-up, hair products, facial products, nail products) on display.  

Have some new makeup for you girl friend and do her nails, make-up, and hair and if possible pick out an outfit for her to wear.  She never know what was happening next. 

When you're done and have watched a movie, blindfolded her again and take her out to dinner with your male friends. 

Titanic Party:
A formal affair.  For girls let let them dress together and make each other up.
Have servers and a Captain present for an elegant dinner.  Find young musical entertainers to provide the background music.
After dinner have an adult can man the black-jack and roulette tables. 
Hire a Caricaturist to draw the guests (this will be their party favor).

Fortune Telling Party:
Hire a palm reader or have an adult dress like a gypsy and have their palms read.  Also use tarot cards to learn to tell fortunes.   Serve fortune cookies.  For party favors give bangles, moon and star items.

Write Horoscopes:   pass out pencils and paper to each guest.  The "astrologer" asks them to write various items, the paper is passed to each player AFTER each item is written.  Turn the paper down, so no one can read what is above.  When completed, the last person signs their name to the bottom.  They are then turned in and read using the 'story.'  See link at horoscopes to get more information.

Mall Fun:
Scavenger Hunt:
Prepare the night before by going to the mall to find or think of things for the hunt.   i.e.:  number of stairs, escalators, things in shop windows, lost receipt, etc.  The day of the party give each team a list of the items and within a specified amount of time see who comes up with the correct answers/items.
Party Favor / Game:  Give each person $5.00 and see how many items they can purchase in a limited amount of time.
Hit the pizza parlor (or other) afterwards.

Regression Party:
Party like a 4 or 5 year old.  Play traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hot potato, drop the clothes pin in the can, scooping cotton balls from one bowl to another-blindfolded., etc. 

Limo Romp:
Hire a limousine.  Pick up the party goers and take them to a restaurant for dinner.  Best best would be an "50's Diner" someplace were they can play goofy games.  Make sure the limo is stocked with soft drinks, music, etc.

Hotel Party:
Get a two bedroom hotel room.  One for the kids and one for the parents.  Make sure it has all the amenities like pool and game room.   Bring lots of popcorn, sodas, videos, etc (or if you prefer room service).   Let the maids clean up the mess the next day.

Clothes Exchange and Redo:
Good for girls of roughly the same size, or a couple sizes. have everyone go thru closets at home and find clothes they don't want or that don't fit, clothes, purses, bags, shoes, socks, anything...Buy bits of ribbons, buttons, fabric, zippers, patches and sewing supplies. when everyone gets to the party, make piles of clothes that are around the same size. Then everyone can sew on the ribbons, iron on patches-make the clothes look different, maybe even buy some tie-dye, a kit should be around $20.00. Then swap clothes.

Beauty Salon:
Take the girls to a beauty salon to have their hair and nails done.  Or do up their hair and nails at home in conjunction with a slumber party.  For an activity, decorate pillow cases.  Purchase one plain white case for each girl. 

Disco Party: 
Rent a disco ball, strobe light and get together some 70's movies.  Have your friends come dressed for disco.  Serve TAB

Games & Activties:
Are the above just a bit much?  How about a regular, stay at home, do it yourselfer.  Here are a few games and activities.
Prepare slips of paper, enough for each player.  All will be blank except two.   One will be marked "Murderer" and the other "Detective".   Let the players pick no one can say who they are.  To play, turn out the lights and have everyone mill around.  The Murderer must "strike" one person and they should go down.  This "Victim" cries out and the lights are turned back on.  Everyone then freezes.  The detective then must determine who the killer was by asking questions.  Everyone MUST tell the truth except the Murderer, who may lie as much as they want.

Potato Chip Taste Test:
Use about 5 different brands of chips in numbered bowls.  Give each person a pad of paper to record which they like the most or comments about them.  After everyone is done let them pick which goes to each empty bag.  Let them read their comments.

Spaghetti Drop:
Need-bowls of cooked spaghetti noodles, plastic gloves and coke or other bottles (set for each team, relay style game)
To play-Have the teams line up.  The first player, on go, puts on the gloves, picks up 10 noodles, runs to the bottle and must drop each one in.  When the get all of their noodles in the need to run back and turn the gloves over to the next in line.   First team finished wins.

Scavenger Hunts:
Nature hunt-list of items that can be found outdoors.
Use Neighbors-Find items on list by knocking on doors.
Unnatural Nature Hunt:
This one takes work on the part of the parent.  They would need to make up things to find outside. 
an orange on an oak/pine etc;
a daisy "growing" from...;
rocks wrapped in foil;
Pickles growing in the soil;
other "freaks of nature."  Give each person or team a notepad to keep track of what they find.  Do not give them a list of these unnatural items...let them try to find them.  Make sure you tell them the designated area.

If you have the toy Bop-It, pass this around and see how far you can get.

Here is another game suggested by Nancy Carter and tried by our family.  What can I say, it is quite fun. 
Summer Snowball Fight (outside activity!)
Materials:  Plenty of panty hose, preferably white (local $ store is a great resource) I think one pair will make about 10 "snowballs".   25lbs+  flour
Directions:  Put a cup or so of flour into the leg of hose.  Tie off as close as possible to the top of the flour.  Cut the hose above the knot.   You now have your first "snow ball"  Try it!! Continue by tying, filling, tying, cutting.   It's a bit of prep work - but worth it!  The "snowballs" last a long time!
Warning:  Be prepared for a mess!  White will be all over everything in your yard!  Use a leaf-blower to dust off the kids.  Get as much as you can cleaned up before it rains.   The memory is worth the mess!

A variation of this is to cut off the full leg of the panty hose and fill the foot with flour.  Tie the hose just above the flour.  These make excellent "whackers" for play fights.  Set up a balance beam - 4" x 4" or wider that is just inches above the ground.  A contestant stands on each end with their panty hose weapon.  On "go" they swing the hose at their opponent.  Rules are they may not strike above the shoulders.  First to drop off the balance beam is out.

1. Mail Order shopping. Tell the kids they have $75.60 (or some odd amount) to purchase an outfit with. See who can come up with the most complete outfit, most unique, etc

2. Letter shopping. Cut out squares with a letter on it (26 - a thru z). Set them on a table with the girls around it. They each pick up a letter and must name an item that can be purchased at
1. a department store (if they name an item within 5-10 seconds they get to move on to another 'store,' if not they continue until they can think of an item starting with the letter)
other stores to 'shop' at:
drug store, grocery store, hardware store, etc.
This game can continue, as if taking a trip...after the shopping, they can continue with cities, rivers, and people.

3. Make an autobiography: Make booklets from 8x11 1/2" paper. On the inside write on each page:
How I spent my childhood
My aim in life
What I enjoy
My biggest blunder
My best friend
My travel
My hobbies
Spending my money
Have the kids find pictures out of magazines to put into the pages (this is for fun, and does not need to represent them entirely).
When they are finished, let them share their books.

4. Cut out of magazines (teen mags would would great) full pictures of people the kids would know (celebrities, etc) Cut off the heads and paste them onto the tops of others bodies. See if they can guess where they belong and who they are.



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