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Teletubbie Party

Make cut outs of the teletubbies from tag board and cut out the tummy. Take a picture of your child and put into the tummy.
Use a picture of your child's face and insert on top of a sun graphic.
See the below sites for graphics and color book pages.


birthday party in a box

Use solid basic colors- blue, red, yellow, and green-similar to the Teletubbies.   Streamers, balloons (be sure to keep out of reach of little ones), paper or plastic goods.

Tape air-filled balloons onto the ceiling with long ribbons hanging   half-way or more to the floor.  Tape on paper cutouts in the shape of the sun and flowers.   Use plush Teletubbies dolls with balloons for a centerpiece.    Copy pictures of each of the Teletubbie onto a large posterboard. After coloring and cutting out the bodies, use them as decorations to hang around the walls at kid level

Cupcakes- Bake cupcakes in silver foil cupcake papers.   Frost cakes in Teletubbie  colors.

Sun cake (like the baby sun featured in the program). Frost a round cake with bright yellow icing. Also spread the icing on pointed ice cream cones. Roll these in bright yellow decoration sugar. Insert in the sides of the cake to resemble sun rays. The cake could be served with, what else, Tubby Custard (vanilla pudding or ice cream).

Make a sheet cake and cover the cake with green colored coconut flakes or frosting to represent grass. Add icing or plastic flower pieces. I would add Teletubbies figurines, bunnies, the ball, scooter, hat, red purse, windmill, and speakers.  For a Teletubbie house, use a mound of cake for the top.  Don't forget to create a path! 

Call the cake Tubby toast

For food serve vanilla pudding colored pink

Goody Bags:
Buy inexpensive colored lunch bags in Teletubbie colors from a party store. Glue an aluminum foil screen onto the center for decoration. Fill with crayons, print outs of coloring pages, silver foil wrapped Hershey kisses and other kiddie goodies like bright colored balls. There are little doll versions of the Teletubbies available at PBS stores.

Games and Activities:
The websites listed above have some coloring pages, which might be a good activity to occupy the children while they wait for everyone to arrive. Or else use them for their goody bags.

Use a blown up picture of the Teletubbies, mount on heavy cardboard & cut out the belly to make bean bag toss game.

Pin the Tummy on the Tubby-  Use a posterboard and draw a Teletubbie on it and then cut out as many Tummys as needed for the number of kids. Play as you would with pin the tail on the donkey

Something the kids could do at the party or that you could do ahead of time is to make Teletubbie party hats. Take a small size disposable plastic plate (use the same ones that you use for the cake & ice cream), punch a hole in the middle & insert one of those long colored pipecleaners. Twist the pipecleaner into the appropriate shape for Po, Tinky Winky, Dipsy & Laa Laa. Secure in place with elastic thread. Cute photos! After the kids have been decked out in their hats perhaps you could do some Teletubbies dancing. Maybe tape the appropriate music off the TV show & play at the party.

Make picture cut outs of the teletubbies out of tag board and cut out the tummy. Take a Polaroid of each child to place inside as the frame. If the child is old enough they could color it, for smaller children just make it and give as a favor.

Make teletubby puppets out of felt cutouts and glue to Popsicle sticks and then put on a puppet show. Use puppets and hats to have an interactive reading of a Teletubby book.  When it talks about their character, have them stand up and do whatever that teletubby does.

Made a Teletubby necklace using flower beads from a local craft store kit.

Dance contest

Teletubbies piñata (if possible, cut out bottom and attach strings, one for each child, put in party favor bags and let the kids pull and let them drop)

Live bunny rabbits at the party to pet and feed. (be careful with this, some bunnies bite and scratch)

These ideas were submitted by readers:  PM Nancy @ PartyMakers, Jen, Jodi, & Michelle.

Teletubbies program, characters and logo: ® & © 1998 Ragdoll Productions (UK) Ltd.




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