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Twisted Party

Outside:  Untwist and Untwirl
  Inside:  'Cause your Invited
                To My Twisted Party!
Untwist the words to find out when~
COALIONT: location
VPSR:  rsvp
Birthday in a Box

Decorations:  Balloons with twisted ribbons, twisted crepe paper.

Cake:  Swirl cake with swirled frosting...twist the words written on it.

Goodie Bags:  Paper bag type with ribbon or twine twisted around it. 

Games and Activities:

Twisted Words:  Ten twisted words on a sheet of paper.  Time the participants to see who gets done fastest.

Twisted Sentences:  Same idea, the words are whole but the sentence needs to be structured.  Time them.

Tongue Twisters:  Do this like a spelling contest.  But eliminate those that can't get them right.
Tommy Tuttle Took Two T's, Tied 'em Atop Two Tall Trees
She sells sea shells down by the sea shore
Six Thick thistles Stick
Six Slippery Snails Slid Slowly Seaward
Peter Piper picked a pick of pickled peppers...
Betty Botter bought some butter, but she said this butter's bitter....
Rubber Baby buggy bumper
The big red bug bit the big black bear made the big black bear bleed bright red blood on the bath room rug.

Twisted Performances:  See who can twist their body.  Feet behind head, etc...just for fun.

Twist and Twirl the words: 
Take these words and see how many others the kids can come up with, using all the letters.
Star-tars, arts, rats
Peal-pale, leap, plea
Team-mate, tame, meat
Span- snap, pans, naps
Stop- spot, pots, tops
who can get them all quickest?

Twisted Answers:  Each person is given two slips of paper, each have been numbered up to the number of people (each 1-10, so they might have #1 of the questions and #7 of the answers).  On one they are to write a question, the other a non-related answer.  All the questions are put into a basket and the answers into another.  They are then shaken and each person draws out one of each.  They are then called upon.  Number one reads the question, then the person holding #1 answer reads this.




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