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VeggieTales Party

Download graphics to make invitations.  Cut out with fancy scissors and mount on cardstock. 
Peas come and lettuce have a great time at Dakota's 3rd birthday party.
Turnip time: 4pm-6pm and then all your normal invitation info.
birthday party in a box

Use green, yellow and red.  For table decorations,  glue eyes on vegetables and maybe some little clothes and they could sit on the table. 

Cupcake frosted green, add eyes and nose to look like Peas.
Left: Bob the tomato cake made out of a sports ball cake pan - thanks to Kristin Best
Right: Lori Buckner used a 10: round cake pan and a circle cut out of a cup cake for Bob.
  bob cake

Goodie Bags:
Bookmarks,  inexpensive vegetable seed packets, inexpensive kid-size gardening gloves.
Bookmarks made from color page graphics, put the guests' names on them. Use fancy scissors to cut them out, mount them on cardstock and cover them with clear Contact paper after the guests have colored them.
Tomato plants and plastic terra cotta color pot and soil. You can also give plastic shovels for them. As an activity, let help the kids plant their tomato plant and give them directions on how to take care of it - thanks to Kristin Best

Games and Activities:
When the kids arrive, pin a name of Veggie Tale character on their back.  Let them ask questions to others to guess who they are.

OR Place a name of a vegetable  with a number on their back.  Give each player a paper with the list of veggies and a pencil.   On go, everyone tries to read each others backs and write down the number corresponding number to the veggy name.

Watch a VeggieTales video (30 min each) while food is prepared.  Lip sync all the silly songs. 

Spud race:  Each child gets a potato and broom. Must drive the spud to the finish line. 

Make veggie faces: Give the kids all different kids of veggies and toothpicks.  Give them foam, paper, ribbon, etc to attach to their veggie.

Veggie or Potato Race:  Get out the spuds again or let the kids use the Veggie face they just made. Have each child line up with the veggie on their back. Crawl to the finish line with out the veggie falling off. If it does, they must put it back on.

Spud roll or other hard round veggie:  Set up ramps. Have kids pick their spud. At the top of the ramp, have the kids set up their racer. On "go" they let them loose. First to cross line wins.

Vegetable Stew: Sit kids in a circle. Assign a name of a VeggieTales character to two each. Except one who is "it".
It stands in the center. Call out the VeggieTales names.  When their veggie name is called, the two players must change places while "it" try's to get one of their seats. The one left standing is "it". Every so often, call out "vegetable stew." All the kids stand and scramble for a new seat.

Potato Race:  Have each child balance a potato on the end of a ruler or yardstick and race to a finish.  If they drop it, they must begin again.

Make bathtub clings using craft foam with the veggie characters

There is a little song in one of the videos where one of the veggies has lost his hairbrush, so have a hairbrush scavenger hunt.

Painted with veggies.  Use asparagus, broccoli, celery tops, a tomato roll in paint and then roll on the paper.

Pin the Eyes on Bob: Make a large bob and play pin the eyes on Bob.

Larry Hop: The children have to keep their feet together and hop to
the finish line.

Pin the Hat on Junior:  Draw Junior without his hat and make hats that can be pinned on his head.

Name that Veggie:  Place a vegetable in a paper bag.  The child puts their hand into the bad without looking and guesses what vegetable he feels.

Veggie Walk:  Like a cake walk.  The characters are drawn out and placed on the floor.  From a bag the character name is drawn to determine the winner

VeggieTales Big Idea Productions. 




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