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Wacky Wild Water Blast

It's Wacky, It's Wild,
It's "name"  Water Blast Birthday Party
Wet Down Day and Time:
Soaking Area:  address
Bring or wear your swimsuit...you WILL get wet!!!


This will be an outside party, so maybe a few balloons.
Party Supplies from
Birthday in a Box

Fun in the Sun Party Supplies
Fun in the Sun


Even though this is not a pool party, you could make a swimming pool cake.
1 pkg. (85 grams) of blue Jell-O
13" X 9" white cake (from scratch or a package)
2 cups of easy spread white icing
44 multi-colored cream-filled wafers (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla
1 each piece (7 inches/18 cm long) red and green shoestring licorice
pink chocolate rounds, multicolored sprinkles and chocolate finger cookie
doughnut-shaped jelly candies 
Cover bottom and sides of 13" X 9" cake pan with plastic wrap. Make Jell-O as per instructions but use only 3/4 cup cold water; pour into prepared pan. Refrigerate, uncovered, for 1 hour or until completely set.
Meanwhile, cut White Butter Cake into kidney shape; place on cake board. With spoon, hollow out 1/2 inch from top of cake, leaving 3/4 inch thick walls as border. Freeze cake scraps for other use.
With palette knife, spread Basic Butter Icing over sides and border of cake. Trim wafers to match height of cake. Alternating colors, press wafers onto side of cake for fence, leaving 2 inch space uncovered for ladder.
With spatula, pick up long slabs of blue Jell-O, arrange in hollowed-out center of cake, rippling to resemble waves.
Cut red piece of licorice in half; arrange both halves on space on side of cake for ladder edges, pressing ends into cake to secure. Cut green licorice into small pieces for ladder steps; secure in place with icing. At opposite end from ladder, press wafer in place for diving board. At pool-side, arrange pink chocolate rounds and multi-colored sprinkles for landscape. Arrange chocolate finger cookies for wooden planking. Just before serving, place toy people or gummy bears in doughnut shaped candy for swimmers in rafts. Add gum balls for beach balls. Makes 16 - 20 servings.

Goodie Bags:
Add water balloons / bombs, water gun, water snake (those rubber tubes filled with water that move continuously in your hand).

Games and Activities:
These games are probably best for children above the age of 7

Water Balloon Volley Ball- need a sheet per team, lots of water balloons, net or rope. Run the rope between trees if you do not have a net. Each team member holds onto their sheet. The balloon is put onto the sheet and the team tries to flip it over the net to the other team, who must catch it in their sheet and flip it back. If one team drops or misses, the other team gets the point.  
Tip:  do not overfill the balloons.

Beach tug of War: This is for a sandy beach only. Dig a pit and fill with water (seaweed etc) have the tug of war over the pit...you get the idea, the losers fall in, yuck, but fun.

Water Sponge Relay: Need two buckets per team and one large sponge. One bucket will have water placed near the team the other empty off a distance. Players must soak the sponge and carry it to the empty bucket and wring it out then take it back to the next in line. Continue.

Water Balloon Relay: Need a pile of water balloons per team (more than one per person). First in line takes balloon runs to designated area, sits on balloon, pops it and runs back to line. Next in line goes. If they drop their balloon or it pops before sitting on it, they must run back for a new one.

Water Limbo: Music and a water hose. Old fashion water fight: balloons, squirt guns, bottles etc

Duck, Duck, Splash: Like duck, duck, goose. But instead of touching the goose on the head, they wring out a wet sponge over their head.

Soggy sweatpants relay:   Have 2 teams, and one pair of oversize sweatpants for each team. To begin, the first team member of each team dunks the sweatpants in a bucket of water, puts them on as fast as possible and runs the designated distance, then returns to the starting line, peeling off the sweats and the next team member must dunk the pants and put them on ( inside out or
not) and so on... First team to complete the relay wins.

Clean up balloon pieces: One with the most wins.





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