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Wedding Party

Barbie and Ken get married

Plan just like a real wedding.
Let the birthday girl do the planning: 
colors, flowers, cake, mints, punch, etc

Send invitations
mail to girls friends and family
Invite the girls to be the bridesmaids, and to wear a pretty dress. 

Decorations:  Using the colors& flowers decorate the area the chosen for the wedding: living room, deck, or where ever the wedding is to take place. 
Use vases, painted clay pots, artificial flowers, crepe paper etc. 

Wedding Shower we made tissue paper flowers for bouquets, and the "Maid of Honor" had a wreath to wear on her head ( since she was to carry the Happy Couple ). 

The wedding party: 
The birthday girl will be the maid of honor for Barbie, each little guest can be a brides maid, have dad or mom (or a good natured minister) marry Ken and Barbie. 
An uncle of the girl could be the Best Man for Ken. 

The wedding ceremony 
Just like a real one, include a guest book.  

 The famous wedding cake, mints, nuts, and punch. Use pretty table cloths, and table service with the chosen color and theme for the wedding. Gifts can be opened. A few family members can bring gifts for Barbie and Kens new house. Decorate the car for Barbie and Ken to drive away in. Don't forget rice, bird seed and bubbles for the big send off. 
Party Gifts can be the flowers the girls wear and pictures taken by the photographer.



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