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Things You Will Need For the Party

Make a 'Wanted' sign. "We want YOU--To Come To Our Party"

Wanted Any Buckaroo Knowing This Outlaw: (child's picture) Her Name, Reward: Birthday Shindig and Pony Rides (then the rest of the party info)
Print on brown paper and burn the edges.

Cowboy Party Party Supplies
Cowboy party supplies

in a box
Sheriff badge favor

 in a box
Cowboy Hats

Balloons and streamers, use what you have that is "western". We used a canvas Tee-Pee and placed all the presents inside.   
Cut out gun holsters from construction paper make it so it has two side with an opening like a pouch. Use the gun holster to place napkin in. Then on top of napkin place your plastic ware.
Use Lincoln Logs to make cabins to place on the table.
Straw bales or loose straw outside.
Star cookies, decorate to look like Sheriff badges. Hot dogs and beans or BBQ Brisket sandwiches. Kool-Aid and cake. If able to have it outside, set up a Camp Fire with Dogs and Beans always a hit - ) Make sure to have sarsaparilla on hand.  Roast marshmallows and serve Smores for Late Night Snack - Kids love roasting marshmallows. 
Sheet cake, frosted green. Need: Plastic horses and cowboys. Round cookies (4), 2 peanut butter bars, Twinkie and shoestring licorice. How: Stack peanut butter bars, cut Twinkie to look like canvas top of a wagon \ /. Place this on top on the peanut butter bars. Place on cake. Use round cookies as wheels. Place horses in front. Add licorice reins. Decorate sides of cake with star cookies.
Sheet cake, cut into the shape of a cowboy boot..and decorating like a boot..Also make a cowboy hat cake...out of a round baking bowl, for the top part of the hat, then use a sheet cake to cut for the brim of the hat.
Or make cake in the shape of a cactus with green icing and Chinese noodles for thorns
Make a rattlesnake shaped cake by baking a smooth bundt style cake and cutting it in half.  Place two ends together and frost so the snake looks like its curved.

Goodie Bags:  Red and Blue bandanas and filled with water pistol, sheriffs badge, whistle, rubber snake, harmonica, play money, wild west stickers and superballs.  Also, give the buckaroo's a cowboy hat when they arrive!


Round-up: Form teams. Each team gets a balloon and broom. They need to drive the "cow" balloon through obstacle course.

Lasso: Need: 4 Embroidery hoops, Cardboard, cut out cactus shape large enough to hold hoops. If you use boxes you can incorporate the stand into the cactus. Players try to toss hoop over cactus limb.

Rattlesnake: Need: Tube sock, newspaper, something that rattles. Place the rattle in the end of the sock and stuff with newspaper. Tie off end. Decorate to look like a snake. This is a Hot Potato game. Toss the rattlesnake around to music, when the music stops, person holding the rattlesnake is out.

Pin the star in the sheriff. Like pin the Tail on the Donkey but make a picture of a Sheriff with a star out-line. Give each child a star cut-out with tape on back. Blindfold a child and see who comes closest to the star outline.

Gold Rush: Need pennies. Bury pennies in sand and let kids find them.

Bury toys and candies in straw and let the kids find them.

Gold Nugget Rush:  Purchase candies in gold foil (any kind will do)  either scatter about and have a mad rush to see who collects the most gold.  Penny theme same idea.

Wild and Weary Trail:  Set up obstacle course, need stop watch, on the course children start out by having to put on a holster (cap gun included - no caps required) have to run through the course, first stop pick up the broom (horse on a stick, gallop to the next phase pick up the hat and bandana must set horse aside to do so, get back on the horse, follow trail come to snake pass (rubber snakes or anything of the like will do) must use gun from your holster to shoot them.  Cross the Coral Fence (construction horses, Chairs with 2x4's anything to create a hurdle)  then onto the final leg have them ring the dinner bell (either an old cow bell, jingle bells, triangle with chime anything for the feel of it)  If weather permits you can have a watering hole and either dowse the person with garden hose or water balloons and then to cross the finish line.

Lost wagon:  group kids into 2-3 'wagon trains' then 1 is
'it' (the lost wagon) they try to 'join' the wagon trains, but the wagon
trains don't want them......or divide group into wagon trains of 5-6 kids give each group a hula hoop their 'wagon''. then set up a course of obstacles they all have to have a hand on the 'wagon' then then move around
course..........but when 'caller' yells "BANDITS!" they all climb inside 'wagon' then continue moving around the course..... then when "CIRCLE THE WAGONS" is called the 'wagon' is dropped, then all must get inside and stand still until told to go on. 1st wagon and team to reach the end wins!

Pinata in the shape of a boot



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