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Winter Party
Travel to the North Pole

Come join us As we journey to the pole
Never mind the frosty Weather
Come and have some fun together

White batting for snow, white balloons and white crepe paper.  'Danger Ice' signs.   Cover a large pole with white and red crepe paper and add a sparkly ball on top for the North Pole  or draw a picture of one to hang on the wall.

birthday party in a box

in a box
White balloons & more

Cake:  Snowball cupcakes with our without coconut.  Serve with mud and snow (hot cocoa and whipped cream)

Goodie Bags:  Blue bags with snowflakes glued to them fill with cocoa, mini marshmallows or give them each a mug with cocoa and marshmallows wrapped in plastic and tied with a ribbon.

Games and Activities:

Race to the Pole:  Have different activities at stations- This can be a timed event per child or you will need enough of each item for all the kids.
1. Klondike:  Unravel a mess of yarn and wrap up in a coil, take with you to-
2. Labrador:  Fish out a plastic boat from a tub of water using a small pole, line and hook. Carry your boat and go to-
3.  Greenland:  Dress in boots/ or lg shoes and heavy jacket and continue to-
4. Artic Circle:  Draw a circle with a compass
5. Reach the Pole:  Each winner receives a stick candy

Snowball Pass:  Wrap a small gift within a piece of batting, cover with sparkling flat batting and sew shut.  Play a hot potato game...last one left, gets the prize.  OR make one for each and play "pass the Parcel"  have a different item in each.

Artic Snow figures:  Have a pan of snow for each kid or team of two.  Furnish bits of cloth, paper, beads, pipe cleaners, felt, etc.  Have them make a snow figure then make clothing for it.  Give prizes to each or let the kids vote.  note:  can use playdoh in non-snowy weather.

Snowball Relay:  Divide the kids into two teams. Give each a plastic straw and their own small box for their snowballs (cotton balls). Place a large box about 8 to 10 feet in front of the kids that is  full of cotton balls. On the signal "Go", have the first two players go to the box of cotton balls. Using the straw to draw air through, pick up a cotton ball and take it back to his team box. When he drops his cotton ball into the box the next players goes. If a player drops his cotton ball on returning to his team box, he must pick it up with his straw and no hands, then continue on to his team box.

Blizzard:  Need a long area to play, with no furniture in the way.  The two ends of this area will be the goals, so mark off this area.   To play, the players are divided into sides.  A light-weight ball or balloon in placed in the middle and each player is given something that can be used as a fan.   The object is to blow the ball to the opposite goal to score a point.  Decide how many goals or time to end.

Peep Box:  Need one shoebox per child.  Misc supplies:  batting, glitter, small toys and figures, tiny branches, pictures saved from old cards,  tissue paper.  Take the box and punch in a peep hole in one end.  Let the kids design a scene on the inside using the materials provided.   When finished, cover the top of the shoe box with tissue paper, glued around the edges.

Icicle Hunt:  Hide pieces of white yarn of various lengths.  Let the kids find them.  One with the longest icicle, all put end to end, is the winner!

Ice Fishing:  A large basin covered in white cardboard, with a hole cut in the center.  Cut fish from cardboard and put a paper clip on its nose, make fishing rods from sticks, with a magnet on the end of the line.  Have prizes written on the fish for whoever catches it.




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